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November will see the release of Extended, a brand new Ultravox collection that brings together classic 12-inch remixes.

The band was of course originally fronted by John Foxx but a new label (Chrysalis), a new frontman (Midge Ure) and a new decade (the 1980s) delivered commercial success and it’s this era that Extended focuses on.

Two-CD and 4LP vinyl sets feature 20 tracks, including ‘rare and hard-to-find’ mixes of classic singles like ‘All Stood Still’, ‘Reap The Wild Wind’, ‘Dancing With Tears In My Eyes’, and ‘Love’s Great Adventure’.

This set features both the 10 minute ‘Special Re-Mix’ of ‘Dancing With Tears In My Eyes’ and the US Extended Remix (which runs to 7.44). There are four versions of ‘One Small Day‘ and Extended ends with a trio of 2012 Blank & Jones remixes of Brilliant. Those particular mixes haven’t been issued on vinyl before.

More info can be found here!!! 

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