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The world is on fire. Great nations are being run by mad men. Humanity is in a daze. Civilization, as we know it, could be facing collapse within decades.

These and other existential fears and observations of modern life helped swedish act The Secret Chord give birth to their debut album 'Tranquility Base'. Now in partnership with Aztec Records they are bringing the deluxe edition with an exclusive acoustic rendition of Back In Time and remixes by Emilio Asstevez, Friday Night Firefight, Miami Glow, Ends 84 and Fulvio Colasanto.

These profound ideas exposed in the deceivingly simple lyrics are set to music heavily influenced by the brilliant and playful sounds of the mid-eighties. Joakim's kaleidoscope production in conjunction with honey-drip vocals by Ida Trosell and Johannes Kotschy create an album of significance and relevance. Sonically, the album is an homage to masterpieces like A-ha's 'Hunting High and Low', Depeche Mode's 'Black Celebration' Erasure's 'Wonderland' and Peter Gabriel's 'So', combined with the classic movie soundtracks of the now iconic decade.

They say still waters run deep. No better analogy for this collection of pop songs that carry a very profound message to the listeners.

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Last year Mark Reilly (Matt Bianco) met up with us in Amsterdam to talk about some ideas for a new album. Mark was inspired by the psychedelic cumbia sounds from our latest releases and asked us to throw some ideas at him and see if we could knock out a new record for 2020. After the first recording sessions in Amsterdam, the coronavirus pandemic struck Europe and we set at the challenge to finish recording from a distance. We kept on bouncing ideas back and forth and slowly but surely the album came together.

The fruit of our combined lockdown work ethos, ‘High Anxiety’, will be released on November 27th. Pre orders for the CD version have started today so click the link below to secure your copy of the album. In the meantime you can listen to the first two singles: The Spice of Life and High Anxiety which are now available on all streaming platforms.


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This brand new 7-inch double A-side single features Morrissey and David Bowie’s duet of T-Rex’s ‘Cosmic Dancer’, that was recorded live at the Inglewood Forum, Los Angeles on June 6th,1991 and has never officially released before now. 

The flip side is Morrissey’s 2020 cover of The Jam’s ‘That’s Entertainment’, which is different to the commonly circulated version from 1993. The sleeve front and back features photographs of David Bowie with Morrissey and were taken in New York City by Linder Sterling.

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Everything and everybody around you appears frozen. Time slurred. Stretched into a micro infinity. Birds, bees, caught mid flight. You are moving so fast in relation to everybody else, that you are invisible to them. Just a breeze and a blur. 

PIECES, the lead single from DAY (the 3rd mini-EP) from avant-pop outfit Eutropic turns Terry Pratchett's philosophical novel Thief of Time into a poetic meditation on the sense of wonder, personal freedom and our relationship to time. 

The arrangement, with its kaleidoscopic explosions of shimmering synths and smooth interjections of pads that seem to emulate colourful trails, evokes the feeling of blissful abandon. It feels right, almost required, to get lost in here.
Release date: November 20, 2020

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