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August 2019
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Sep 7: ABC live in Zoetermeer (NL)
Oct 8: Marc Almond - Live in Hengelo (NL)
Oct 9: Marc Almond - Live in Utrecht (NL)
Oct 10: Marc Almond - Live in Den Haag (NL)
Oct 12: Marc Almond - Live in Tilburg (NL)
Oct 13: Marc Almond - Live in Alkmaar (NL)
Oct 16-19: Saint Etienne - Live in the UK
Oct 17: New Order - Live in Amsterdam (NL)
Oct 21: Lisa Stansfield live in Southend (UK)
Oct 22: Lisa Stansfield live in Guildford (UK)
Oct 23: Lisa Stansfield live in Brighton (UK)
Oct 25: Lisa Stansfield live in Bath (UK)
Oct 26: Lisa Stansfield live in Salford (UK)
Oct 28: Lisa Stansfield live in Glasgow (UK)
Oct 29: Lisa Stansfield live in Birmingham (UK)
Oct 31: Lisa Stansfield live in London (UK)
Nov 1: Lisa Stansfield live in Cardiff (UK)
Nov 3: Lisa Stansfield live in Utrecht (NL)
Nov 4: Lisa Stansfield live in Brussels (BE)
Nov 6: Lisa Stansfield live in Paris (FR)
Nov 8: Lisa Stansfield live in Lyon (FR)
Nov 9: Lisa Stansfield live in Toulouse (FR)
Nov 12: Alphabeat - live in Groningen (NL)
Nov 13: Alphabeat - live in Amsterdam (NL)
Nov 15: Lisa Stansfield live in Zürich (Switzerland)
Nov 16: Lisa Stansfield live in Linz (Austria)
Nov 18: Lisa Stansfield live in Cologne (DE)
Nov 19: Lisa Stansfield live in Ludwigshaven (DE)
Nov 21: Lisa Stansfield live in Bremen (DE)
Nov 23: Lisa Stansfield live in Copenhagen (Denmark)
Nov 24: Lisa Stansfield live in Oslo (Norway)
Nov 25: Lisa Stansfield live in Stockholm (Sweden)
Nov 27: Lisa Stansfield live in Hamburg (DE)
Nov 28: Lisa Stansfield live in Halle (DE)

Classic Albums

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Performed by Fused and featuring the incredible vocal talent of Kay Burden (noted for her work with Buzzing Sound Candy), Tear Me To Pieces is a powerful synthwave pop anthem with classic '80s leanings but with a nod to modern synthpop such as Parralox and Marsheaux.

Released July 19, 2019 (Download and extremely limited edition CD-single).


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Prefab Sprout will be releasing remastered vinyl versions of four of the band’s classic albums including Swoon, From Langley Park To Memphis, Jordan: The Comeback and A Life of Surprises: The Best Of on the 27th of September.

Prefab Sprout’s debut album Swoon, includes a complex collection of songs that announced the band’s idiosyncratic style in an explosive way. The band’s third album From Langley Park To Memphis contains their biggest hit "The King of Rock 'n' Roll" along with one of the best pop anthems of the 1980s – "Cars And Girls". The album also features contributions from Stevie Wonder and Pete Townshend.

Jordan: The Comeback
from 1990 will be released as a double LP for the first time internationally. This is an expansive album that draws on a huge breadth of influences and includes "Wild Horses", which has grown to become one of the band’s best loved tracks. The fourth release in this batch is the band’s hit collection, A Life of Surprises: The Best Of which is available as a double LP for the first time!

Click HERE to pre-order your copies today.

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A Flock Of Seagulls
 may well be known for their bizarrely teased haircuts as much as their hit single ‘I Ran’. A Flock Of Seagulls were one of prime movers in the 1980s new wave era. Growing out of the synth-heavy and ruthlessly stylish new romantic movement, hairdresser Mike Score (lead vocals, keyboards) formed A Flock Of Seagulls with his brother Ali (drums) and fellow hairdresser Frank Maudsley (bass) in 1980, adding guitarist Paul Reynolds several months later. The group released their debut EP on Bill Nelson’s Cocteau Records early in 1981 and, while the record failed to chart, its lead track, 'Telecommunication’ became an underground hit in Euro-disco and new wave clubs.

The band signed a major label contract with Jive by the end of the year and their eponymous debut album appeared in the spring of 1982. ‘I Ran (So Far Away)’ was released as the first single from the album and MTV quickly picked up on its icily attractive video, which featured long shots of Mike Score and his distinctive, cascading hair. The single climbed into the American Top Ten, taking the album along with it. In the UK, ‘I Ran’ didn’t make the Top 40 but ‘Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)’ reached Number Ten later that year; in America, that single became a Top 40 hit in 1983, after ‘Space Age Love Song’ peaked at Number 30. ‘ Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You) ’ was taken from the group’s second album ‘Listen’ in 1983. The band released 1984’s ‘The Story Of A Young Heart’ which fielded the minor hit ‘The More You Live, The More You Love’. Shortly after, Paul Reynolds left the band.

Mike and Ali moved to the US shortly after basing themselves out of Pennsylvania. The band, now as a trio, released the album ‘Dream Come True’ in 1986. Ali and Frank left in the years afterwards. Mike released the ‘Light At The End Of The World’ album in 1996.

The original four return to present their ‘Inflight’ album. This time the band re-work their original hits and extend and stretch them in a 1980s 12” remix style. Ten brand new recordings, expanded to fill the imaginations of dreamers worldwide.

"A Flock Of Seagulls - Inflight: The Extended Essentials", is out Friday, 12th July 2019 on August Day and available for pre-order now.

CD Track Listing

I Ran
Modern Love Is Automatic
Space Age Love Song
Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)
The More You Live, The More You Love
Man Made
Transfer Affection

Order it now HERE!

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11 Jul 2019 - Sombre Moon - Breathe

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