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06 Aug 2020 - LAU - Recognise

LAU's third cut, Recognise, taken from her forthcoming debut album is yearning for a fresh start and a continuation on the themes started with the previous two singles. Following the popular 'crying at the dancefloor' sub-genre mastered by the likes of Robyn and closer stylistically to an updated Giorgio Moroder masterpiece, the incessant pulsation of the synths, the punchy drums and frieze-like bassline emerges from the darkness like a Phoenix from the ashes of a burnt out relationship. 

The song throws hook after hook, the main leitmotif moves from the lead synth to the vocals and back again like an earworm. At 2:58 the song seems to be only just starting and the sudden ending only leaves us wanting more, forcing us to instantly hit reply. A perfect metaphor for what it seems to be the events that inspired the song in the first place. This is the true mark of a great song masterly put together.

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Robyn has guests on Club DOMO this time. After her set there will be a performance by Until Further Notice and Mount Liberation Unlimited - live music and dance. And for those of you who usually check in early this time there is a new pre-stream with brand new music from Zhala, an unreleased video by Kindness and maybe some other surprises.
Pre-show 8.30 pm CEST
Robyn DJ Set 9.00 pm CEST
Until Further Notice x Mount Liberation Unlimited 10.30 pm CEST.
Tune in to Konichiwa TV.
Facebook, Twitch and Twitter.

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06 Aug 2020 - Zenith Volt - Hold On

'When life and love have the inability to serve as waypoints for one's own universal existence there is only one thing to do... Hold On. Instability can only exist when harmony feels as if it's too far down the road. As long as we hold on we will make it. Donʼt ever let go...' 

An exuberante ode to resilience and stamina. Zenith Volt encourages us to persist in the face of adversity. To keep our leg warmers and headbands at the ready and be in control of our destiny by the means of dancing the troubles away. Yet another smash from Zenith Volt.

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Buy your ticket here!

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Ever since their first event in 2017, Miami Cyber Nights has been instrumental in shaping the German Synthwave scene. As the largest recurring event series of its kind in Germany, they have brought together fans from all over the country and beyond to their unique shows. 

Ranging from Dreamwave and Synthpop, to the darker styles of Synthwave, they have hosted a variety of newcomers and big names, always a bit out of the ordinary and always giving their everything to deliver not only a concert, but an immersive and memorable overall experience.

With this compilation, we want to present a sample of some of the greatest acts that have played at Miami Cyber Nights for the last 3 years. Each one of these artists have shaped what Miami Cyber Nights has become, and most of them continue to define it to this day. / Facebook: Miami Cyber Nights

Logo designed by Rollt Rocket.

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