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Tears On Your Pillow
Out now!
Dance Floor (2022 Rework)
Natalie GRay
Out now!
The World
Thought Beings
Out Friday 11th March
The Roots (Album)
Out Friday 18th March
A Little Time
EhRah feat. Power Rob
Out Wednesday 23rd March
Lucy Dreams
Out Wednesday 25th March

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Four decades on from the legendary ‘A Secret Wish’, ex Propaganda members Claudia Brücken and Susanne Freytag are back as xPropaganda. Reunited with original producer Stephen Lipson – fresh from his work on Hans Zimmer’s score to the latest Bond film, ‘No Time To Die’- the trio have unveiled a new album that’s conceptually and sonically the follow-up-that-never was to their mid-‘80s classic. With dramatic beats and magical soundscapes offset beautifully by Claudia and Susanne’s expressive, passionate vocals, ‘The Heart Is Strange’ evokes the spirit and passion of the original Propaganda whilst sounding effortlessly contemporary.


  1. The Night
  2. Chasing Utopia
  3. Beauty Is the Truth
  4. Only Human
  5. Don’t (You Mess with Me)
  6. No Ordinary Girl
  7. The Wolves Are Returning
  8. Ribbons of Steel

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Hanna Rua is a UK-based singer and songwriter from Sweden. ‘Tears On Your Pillow’ is her second single with Aztec Records and with its uplifting message, dreamy synth sounds and captivating chorus, it’s a great follow-up to her debut single ‘Don’t Cut Your Angels’.


It is co-written with the British musician and producer Sam Martin. Sam has worked with artists such as Pet Shop Boys and Girls Aloud.


‘Tears On Your Pillow’ is a song about unfulfilled dreams and disappointments, when things don’t turn out the way you planned, but with a little faith, being able to rise again. The night will lead to morning sun.

Tears On Your Pillow will be released on Aztec Records on March 1.



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Caroline Loveglows music offers a lifeline to those who, like herself, spend a lot of time in their heads, grappling with the weight of indecision and self-doubt. This new music feels like a direct message to anyone trying to find their way. Steady and dreamlike, her songs offer solace.

'Strawberry' was album of the day on Bandcamp, read all about it here.

Caroline Loveglow's debut LP 'Strawberry' is out February 25, 2022, via 100% Electronica.

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25 Feb 2022 - Dreamhour - Own Tonight

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