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Electribe 101 are to finally release their second album, 30 years after recording it!

Formed in 1988 and fronted by sometime S’Express vocalist Billie Ray Martin, they released their first LP, Electribal Memories, in 1990 and recorded its follow-up, Electribal Soul, a year later, only it was never released.

“There was a degree of confidence among us when we came to write the second album,” recalls Billie Ray Martin. “To me, the songs we put down sound like some of our finest moments.

“I was into big ballads at the time and listening to all kinds of US and UK singers, and I was also young enough to want to prove myself as a belter of ballads.” 

“Listening back to these tracks now, I was reminded of what a bunch of great musicians they were,” she says. “They had a rule that if a part still sounded good after a day or two then it could stay. If it bothered the vocals, it would go.”

The band finished mixing the album at London’s Olympic Studios in 1991. They were assisted by Apollo 440’s Howard Gray on production duties for Deadline For My Memories, Insatiable Love and Space Oasis, with Howard Gray supported by talented engineer Al Stone.

Electribal Soul will be released on 12” vinyl, CD and digital formats on 18th February 2022 through Electribal Records. The physical formats include extensive liner notes from Billie Ray Martin, and the album sleeve features unseen archive photographs by Lewis Mulatero from the original 1990 sessions with the band that were never used in the sleeve designs for Electribal Memories.

Pre-order Electribal Soul at the Billie Ray Martin website.

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Popcorn Kid's latest release, Memory Tapes, featuring Noxigen, Sarah Lanigan and LAU, is a 10-track album capturing the vogue of the 1980s. Heavily inspired by the platinum award-winning game GTA Vice City, the album portrays the episodes of love, betrayal, murder, and tranquillity.

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Synthpop supergroup KVN land their second single today with the release of ‘Burn The Breeze’, a collaboration with producer Lucian.

Listen / buy Burn The Breeze here:

KVN (pronounced Kevin) is an indie-pop supergroup composed of Austin-based artists - DOSSEY, Primo the Alien and Lady Heartwing. Having each already made a name for themselves both locally and internationally, these women as songwriters, producers, and performers deliver high-energy, harmony-driven pop and dance music.

More info:

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08 Dec 2021 - LAU - What To Do

LAU's third single 'What To Do' is finally here, giving us a taste of what's to expect from her brand new LP due in February 2022.

This track is an uptempo, infectious Synthpop single, about the bittersweet feeling of having a long distance relationship. Dealing with "remote romancing" and "falling for a stranger" via zoom in the times of pandemic, and all the ups and downs that entails.

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Italian producer Fulvio Colasanto is finally releasing his long awaited, self-produced debut album 'Unusual Vision'. The album contains 8 Retrowave / Synthpop tracks inspired by the 80s / 90s, and was created in collaboration with some fantastic Aztec Records artists like Eutropic, Maxx Parker, Young Empress, Adam Siana and some amazing talent like Chris KD, Ignacia, Christina Siravo and Ryan Leslie

Fulvio Colasanto has been with us for a while and makes those fantastic edited clips of stock footage using his music on his Instagram account.

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