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Pre-order the digital version of Madonna's new album now and it will be waiting for you Tues morning. There are two ways to pre-order Madonna's stunning new album, Confessions On A Dance Floor.

Pre-order the album and Madonna's exclusive radio edit single "Hung Up" will download immediately, or pre-order the continuous mix (each song blended into 1 digital track for a back-to-back flawless mix). As a bonus, each version of the pre-order album is packed with exclusives including a music video and a digital booklet. Click
here to get hooked up.

Click here to check out "Hung Up," Madonna's newest single currently at #1 on the dance charts! Listen to the full album here.

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11 Nov 2005 - 80's News

SHALAMAR's classic single 'A Night To Remember' has been recorded by UK pop act Liberty X as the official theme for this year's charity telethon 'Children In Need'.

, known for championing??new act Arcade Fire, has taken his seal of approval a step further with the release of a downloadable version of Arcade Fire's track 'Wake Up' in collaroration with Bowie. The track will be available from iTunes for one week from November 14th.

MADONNA, currently on course for another UK number one single with 'Hung Up', will play a London club show next week. The show will take place at London's Koko (formerly The Camden Palace the venue for the singer's first ever London appearance in 1983) on November 15th in front of a crowd of competition winners... Madonna is considering taking her forthcoming new album 'Confessions On A Dancefloor' on tour in Summer 2006, promising that the tour would be "all out disco, with lots of disco balls. I would focus on dance music and the new record. I already did the older stuff on my Re-Invention tour".??
BROS frontman MATT GOSS has published an updated version of his autobiography 'More Than You Know' in paperback following the success of the hardback edition last year.

SPARKS have announced four UK dates for February 2006. The duo will play shows in Gateshead, Salford, Leicester and London in support of their forthcoming album 'Hello Young Lovers'.

THE BLOW MONKEYS frontman DR ROBERT has announced that he will release his new album 'Flutes & Bones' in Spring 2006... initial quantities of the record will come with a bonus ten-track CD of acoustic versions of Blow Monkeys tracks including 'Digging your Scene' and 'It Doesn't Have To be This Way'.
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10 Nov 2005 - New Kylie DVD - Showgirl

Kylie Minogue - Showgirl (DVD)

The Greatest Hits Tour comprising live concert footage recorded during her sold-out World tour that opened in March 2005 and represented her finest moments in music, performance and style including the classics from 'The Locomotion', 'I Should Be So Lucky', 'Especially For You' & 'Better The Devil You Know' through to 'Spinning Around', 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head', 'In Your Eyes' & 'I Believe In You'.

Bonus Features:??

* Behind The Feathers Backstage Documentary
* Showgirl Multiangle Screen Visuals
* Showgirl ROM Section

Released 21 November 2005


1. Overture - The Showgirl Theme
2. Better The Devil You Know
3. In Your Eyes
4. Giving You Up
5. On A Night Like This
6. Shocked
7. What Do I Have To Do
8. Spinning Around
9. In Denial
10. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi
11. Confide In Me
12. Red Blooded Woman
/ Where The Wild Roses Grow
13. Slow
14. Please Stay
15. Over The Rainbow
16. Come Into My World
17. Chocolate
18. I Believe In You
19. Dreams
20. Hand On Your Heart
21. The Locomotion
22. I Should Be So Lucky
23. Your Disco Needs You
24. Put Yourself In My Place
25. Can't Get You Out Of My Head
26. Especially For You
27. Love At First Sight

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??Sweet Coffee - Perfect Storm

The 3th of November Sweet Coffee presented their new album "Perfect Storm", perfect being the keyword during the whole evening.
Drinks, finger food, good vibes and an outstanding live performance by Sweet Coffee and their musicians.

Perfect Storm is now available in your shop!
Go get it!

Tour Dates

17/11: Sweet Coffee light set, Kortrijk
26/11: Sweet Coffee live, Petrol, Antwerp
15/12: Sweet Coffee live,??Depot, Leuven
16/12: Sweet Coffee light,??Oudenaarde
18/12: Sweet Coffee live, St- Niklaas
23/12: Sweet Coffee light set, Antwerp
31/12: Sweet Coffee live, Maasmechelen (01.00h)
31/12: Sweet Coffee light set, Gent ( 04.00h )

Sweet Coffee Biography

Are you looking for a special feeling? Then let Sweet Coffee take you by the hand with 'Special Kind Of Feeling', the second single from the new album, 'Perfect Storm'. An album that makes the best of promises come true. This is the story of a group that has come through the storm stronger than ever???

Unbelievable but true: there’s just over a year between 'Memory Lane' and 'Perfect Storm' the second album from Sweet Coffee. It doesn’t seem long enough considering everything that has happened to the group in that time: hits, awards, staff changes???

Let’s go back to the middle of 2004. 'Memory Lane' is in the shops, and a big name is born. Songs like 'Don't Need You' and 'Holdin' On' are being welcomed with open arms by DJ’s and Sweet Coffee is getting rave reviews in the home and overseas press. That sound! Those songs! That boldness! Because Sweet Coffee quickly seems to be more than just a studio project, when the group makes a risky move towards live gigs, so winning even more converts. Nearly 10,000 albums sold. That’s a pretty strong start.

?? ?? ?? ???? ??

It was obvious that the debut of Sweet Coffee hadn’t gone unnoticed when the group was nominated for a Zamu Award, the highest accolade you can get in your own country. The newcomers also turned up in the year listings. At the same time there’s a little ‘trouble in paradise’ because the singer sees the future a little differently than the founding members of the band, Patrick Bruyndonx and Raffaele Brescia??? Gordian knots were cut, choices made. For a while Sweet Coffee is without a singer. Not for long though???

Because luckily there is Bibi Diabokua. A singer that Patrick and Raffaele already knew by name and reputation before they started with Sweet Coffee ??? Bibi is available and wonder of wonders all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. "Fate sent us to Bibi ", Raffaele recalls. "We’d hardly met, before we were already recording songs together."

'New Day', the first single with the new line-up, seems to herald in 'Perfect Storm', the album on which the group began working right after Bibi’s arrival. The single is a statement, and a message of hope. The dream-debut of a new singer, who is fast becoming a whole lot more than just a singer.

Because Bibi – at home with dance and the 'nu soul' of Erykah Badu or Jill Scott – helps write all the songs on the new album, and so is becoming an important element in the new sound of Sweet Coffee. "Our sound could get even more positive, even more physical", she thinks. And so a sound comes into being that preserves the hit feel, as well as that jazzy funk feeling that is such a part of the distinct Sweet Coffee signature. But the new Sweet Coffee is more than that even. Just try out the new CD in the car one night on the deserted highway, and you’ll see what we mean: strong songs merge into one mood, slivers of nuances swathe melodies that bring together the best of pop music, dance and jazz. The everlasting class of Donald Fagen often sounds through...

Today, Sweet Coffee is a group with a story. The difficult choices of the last year have led to a trinity that is stronger than ever before. That’s where the title of the album 'Perfect Storm' comes from, says Raffaele. "That means the storm which we as a group all came through. But today, together with Bibi, we’re sailing calmer waters again. The period now behind us has strengthened us: we know now that we can overcome the greatest problems. Now we have the feeling, more than ever, that we’re on one long adventure. We can go anywhere we want with Sweet Coffee."

It’s precisely that, which remains one of the group’s biggest trump cards, and explains the crossover potential of this music. Maybe that’s what we mean with a 'Special Kind Of Feeling'? Sweet Coffee keeps on choosing not to choose: this group doesn’t make music for the clubs. Or for your living room. Or for your car, or for the radio. Sweet Coffee makes music for everywhere. And the next stop is the stage, the latest ambition of these three, to take it live and see what comes out of it. Watch and listen to this group and know that this project – just like all the others – is in full swing. And put out the word: Sweet Coffee is still here, stronger than ever???

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Mari Wilson - Storyline


We have to admit there was some puzzlement over a CD featuring a middle aged lady done up like Marilyn Monroe belting out a Dusty-esque tune and it did sit on the desk being given sidelong glances for some time before we had a go at finding something to say about it.??

Now here’s the difficulty – Mari ‘The Neasden Queen of Soul’ is clearly fabulous and her song is actually nice enough if you like those Music To Watch Girls Go By compilations (we do as it goes) but sandwiched in between Girls Aloud and Kanye West she looks and sounds more than a little conspicuous.??

Our solution – buy a copy of this or forthcoming album Dolled Up for your Mum and have a guilty sing-a-long in to a hairbrush next time you’re feeling retro diva-esque.

Single released Oct 24, 2005

Press Release:
Mari Wilson first arrived on the scene in the early eighties with her skyscraper beehive hairdo, unique sense of fashion and fully choreographed twelve piece band The Wilsations! Mari’s live shows were spoken about as an event – pure entertainment.

In 1982 Mari’s records began entering the charts and she soon had six hit singles, the biggest being ‘Just What I’ve Always Wanted’ and ‘Cry Me A River’, both taken from her album ‘Showpeople’.

In the mid-eighties after constant touring of the UK , Europe and the United States , Mari reduced the size of her band (and her hairdo!), changing direction with a jazz quartet. Playing venues such as Ronnie Scotts and The Royal Festival Hall (supporting the legendary Stan Getz) and jazz festivals alongside BB King and Ray Charles, Mari continued to build her reputation as a great live performer. Having studied the structure of the great standards Mari started to write songs in 1985 and in 1992 recorded ‘The Rhythm Romance’ (which subsequently was repackaged and re-released by Sanctuary Records in 2001).
??Now after a 13 year gap, Mari returns with “Dolled Up”, a collection of self-penned songs with an eclectic mix of well chosen covers. Ron Sexsmith’s ‘Foolproof’ sits alongside the dreamily nostalgic ‘I Don’t Wanna Play In Your Yard’; the opening track ‘The Love Thing’ sets the tone for the record and Mari’s other original songs, including the singalong single ‘Storyline’, are smooth and silky tales of love and life.

In addition to her recording career, Mari has also appeared in musical theatre, playing Nickie Pignatelli in Phil Willmott’s production of Sweet Charity, Annabel in the black comedy, The Chainsaw Manicure and Dusty Springfield in Dusty The Musical. Other work has included a Sunday show on GLR and singing the theme tune to various TV shows, including the highly successful ‘Coupling’ performing the song ‘Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps’. Last year Mari was in TABOO with Boy George in the West End . After TABOO, Mari turned down the opportunity to play Mrs. Johnson in Blood Brothers to record and release “Dolled Up”. Mari has a continuing collaboration with Barb Jungr and Claire Martin in the outrageously camp show, GIRLTALK which will be on tour throughout the Autumn.

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