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01 Jul 2022 - Per Ohlson - Delight

Per Ohlson - Delight

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Things are heating up for the Kulakingz, as they head into the summer with another huge dance floor monster featuring their hallmark live instrumentation.

At the nucleus of this project are school friends Ben Webb & Antony Harper, aka KORT & Elementary, make their return to Midnight Riot, this time featuring vocalist His Bitter Truth aka Raff Riffington.

Again backed by some of the finest musicians in the game, the package comes complete with a slamming boogie remix from Glitterbox duo Qwestlife, who also deliver a deadly dub, for those who like it a little more stripped down!

Click on the artwork to buy 'More Than A Moment'.

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24 Jun 2022 - Zinqmind - Another Day

Zinqmind - Another Day

80's inspired synthpop with a modern twist.
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Friday Night Firefight return with another single!

Friday Night Firefight are at their wistful best with their new dance-and-cry single Boxed Red Wine. Packed full of sweet synth and vocal melodies and driven by four-to-the-floor drums offset by funk-punk guitars, Boxed Red Wine takes you on a nostalgic journey of unspoken love in bar gardens; where the cheap drinks are an afterthought.

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A blend of reflective songwriting, 80s stylings, and pop punk inspired delivery, Friday Night Firefight captures the aesthetic vibe of synthwave, and adds their own unique indie energy. Their debut single 'You Only Like Me When You're Eight Drinks Down' released in July 2019, and since then they've continued to refine their alt-pop sound.

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24 Jun 2022 - Fused - Nightlife

The brand new single and remix collection of 'Nightlife' performed by award winning electropop artist Fused is out now.

Featuring the single remix of 'Nightlife' and new 'B side' track 'Axiom. Plus this 10 track release features extended and remix reworking of both tracks, along with new 'Bandcamp' exclusive tracks 'Cosmonaut' and 'Exhibition'. A feast for 'synthpop' fans the world over, this is the release that caps off the 'phase one' Exhibition era of Fused and starts phase two of this exciting, innovative electronic music project.

Click on the artwork for more info!

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