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09 Jun 2023 - LAU & R3ZMA - Maneater

LAU (Laura Fares) is back with a fantastic cover version of the classic 1982 anthem Maneater originally by Daryl Hall and John Oates, produced by multi-faceted Argentinean producer / DJ R3ZMA (Martin Rez Masud).

A vibrant, uplifting, energetic Future Bass reinvention of this classic 80's anthem, elevated to modern times. Maneater 2.0.

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09 Jun 2023 - New Arcades - Believe

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Los Angeles based Valley Lights returns with his second single on Outland Recordings. ‘Valley Romance’ invites you on a neon soaked night out in the Valley. Vocal synth and indie pop combine with infectious bass lines, smooth synths and groovy guitars that will have you dancing all night long. High heels and concrete. Night clubs and karaoke bars. Indulge yourself in a night of fun and flirtation, this is ‘Valley Romance’.

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09 Jun 2023 - Airport366 - Steph

'Steph', the fourth single of the Swiss-Chilean Band Airport 366, sounds like a soundtrack of a late night 80s movie.

The track is a pure power ballad: mellow keys, epic saxophone, big snares and a heavy guitar solo by Gabriel Pastorelli. The perfect chemistry to bring you back in time. This song portrays what love can make you do when things go wrong. It hits you like a train and makes you doubt yourself and everything you ever had suddenly becomes nothing. You just have one reason and that's your love. Desperation is the main theme of this song, feeling fragile and baring your soul.

All of this is sung by Matteo Bertini, with that anger and fear that only a person who lost their true love can feel.

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London based Synth-pop artist I Am Boleyn is pleased to announce a brand new track with the arrival of 'Driving In The Dark' this summer out on Aztec Records / Rough Trade.

Following on from her recent rework of The Corr's classic 'Breathless', 'Driving In The Dark' sonically inspired by the rock-pop synth queens of the 1980s like The GoGos, Debbie Harry, and The Bangles, continues I Am Boleyn's music evolution, fusing 80s new wave influences over lush, synth driven melodies and introspective lyricism.

Dubbed V Magazines 'New Favourite Artist' I Am Boleyn spends her time shuttling between London and Stockholm, working with Swedish based music production collective FMLY STHLM and Johannes Willinder. Influenced by Robyn, Annie, Goldfrapp and MS MR, her take on electro-pop brims with hints of neon lit 80's Berlin bars with a futuristic twist of Blade Runner.

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