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Arcade Ocean is the latest project from Vienna-based artist and writer Ingo Frühwirt. Drawing inspiration from the classic retro games and synthesizer music of the 80s, Arcade Ocean is a nostalgic and dreamy journey into the past.

Ingo has a long history of singing and playing in various bands before branching out into the world of synth-music. With Arcade Ocean, he sought to create something that was both familiar and new, blending his love for the classic sounds of a long gone decade with a fresh perspective. The result is a dreamy, synthesized journey down memory lane, featuring pulsing beats and melodies that transport listeners back in time.

'Perfect Paradise' is a nostalgic Synthwave track that captures the feeling of being unable to let go of a loved one, even if it's causing you pain. The song's dreamy, 80s-inspired sound sets the stage for a journey through the inner workings of a heart torn between love and self-preservation. As the synths wash over you, you can't help but feel the emotional weight of the artist's struggle, making 'Perfect Paradise' a powerful and poignant listen.

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For this special edition EP, Lucy Dreams contacted producers from places as far apart as Hungary & Costa Rica. Hungarian DJ and Producer Drekaan's take is a classic House floor-filler that stays closer to the original highlighting the emotion contained in the song. Felix Venbetho's electro-funky take is borderline techno-house with an incessant bass line, acid synth lead and chopped vocals that you can help bop to.

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Ace Of Base // Beautiful Life: The Singles
Blending classic pop melodies, dancefloor beats and a unique twist on reggae, served up with a side order of Nordic melancholy, Sweden’s Ace of Base became a global phenomenon in the 1990s and the hits still stand the test of time thirty years on.
This box set contains 26 discs featuring 341 tracks – all the hits and b-sides, plus hundreds of remixes, including around 50 previously unreleased mixes!

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13 Feb 2023 - P.LIMA - Far In Love

P.LIMA, a rising figure in Brazil's Melodic scene, has produced his first Synthwave inspired song Far In Love, which contains dreamy melodies and a catchy female vocal.

In this single, P.LIMA explores the Synthwave genre mixing it with a touch of his artistic signature, by using vocal chops, uplifting melodies, and a powerful breakdown on the second half of the song. He wanted to bring a happy, relaxing, and dreamy vibe to this track. P.LIMA started to produce 'Far In Love' in his home studio in Brazil, and finished it in Australia, where he lives now. The whole idea of the song came after he watched the movie Drive for the first time. The soundtrack of the movie, especially the song Nightcall by Kavisnky, strongly inspired the artist to make a Synthwave inspired track.

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