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30 Apr 2021 - Natalie Gray - My Toy

My Toy is inspired by songs Natalie Gray grew up with including Madonna's 'Material Girl', Prince's 'Cream', and Whitney Houston's 'How Will I Know'.

℗ 2021 Aztec Music Publishing

© 2021 Aztec Records Ltd
All rights reserved
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Solace” is the debut Single by SYNTRONIX, a Belgium based artist and producer.

As a new member in the AZTEC family, SYNTRONIX has been introduced to the mega talented vocalist and songwriter Chris KD and they teamed up to deliver this beautiful and powerful song. The message of “Solace” is about what we all expect from a relationship, and when things don’t go well, we just have to try to move away from it and struggle with the strings attached.

"Solace" is driven by an atmosphere of classic analog synths, hypnotic arpeggios and a strong beat and combined with the warm vocal delivery of Chris KD, this track is set to be stuck in your head for days.

℗ 2021 Aztec Music Publishing

© 2021 Aztec Records Ltd
All rights reserved

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The Last Concorde burst onto the Retrowave scene by garnering over 10k monthly listeners on Spotify with their debut self-titled album less than 5 months ago. Here they release a collaboration with fellow Spanish synth pop/synthwave artist Oblique and her soaring vocals, complimented with production by Maxthor.

Written by The Last Concorde
Lyrics by Oblique
Produced by The Last Concorde
Mixed and Mastered by Maxthor

©2021 Outland Recordings
℗2021 Outland Recordings

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Fused - The Exhibition EP 

Limited edition Slimline CD single featuring exclusively 'CD mastered' editions of all tracks and presented in unique ice blue mirror card die cup slipcase. 

01 No Fear (Shameless Club Edit)
02 Glow (Club Electric Mix)
03 Body Moves (Exhibition Mix)
04 Passion and Control (Tonal Sea Mix)

A showcase four track EP release to celebrate the culmination of 'phase one' of Fused. Each track has been specifically chosen and reinvented for this release in order to best display the overall works of the artist as a 'gateway' EP for new listeners of Fused, and also a new take for those familiar with the songs.

Written by - Mark Kendrick
Music, Vocals & Production - Mark Kendrick
Graphic Design - MediaBee
Photography - Subbotina
Recorded at The Attic Studio, Hampshire, United Kingdom.
Mastered at Harlington/Straker.
Cat No. Fused 11
© 2021 M Kendrick
℗ 2021 Fusion Records
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NINA and The Secret Chord come together to create a dreamy / nostalgic synthpop song called “BERLIN”. The lyrics suggest a romantic affair between two lovers in the German Capital, but at the same time, the song can be a “life affair” with the city itself. Guest appearance on guitar by Radio Wolf.

NINA quotes: “BERLIN is a homecoming song for me. I recently moved back to the city, after living in London, UK for over 15 years. When Joakim from The Secret Chord sent me his demo, I instantly connected to it. I really adore The Secret Chord and my heart always belongs to Berlin.”

Written, produced & performed by The Secret Chord & NINA.
Mastered by Pete Maher.
all rights reserved
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