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Will Young's '20 Years – The Greatest Hits' album is out now. The album is available on CD, vinyl, and digital formats. As well as classics such as 'Evergreen', 'Light My Fire', 'Leave Right Now' and 'Jealousy', the album features 2 brand new original songs called 'Why Does It Hurt' and 'Breaking Free'.

Click artwork for buying / streaming options.

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26 May 2022 - Suede - Autofiction

As Suede began work on the songs that would become Autofiction, they decided to go back to basics. In a move that recalled their most formative days, Brett Anderson, Mat Osman, Simon Gilbert, Richard Oakes and Neil Codling schlepped to a rehearsal studio in deserted Kings Cross to collect a key, hump their own gear, set up and start playing. 

Speaking about Autofiction, Brett Anderson said: "Autofiction is our punk record. No whistles and bells. Just the five of us in a room with all the glitches and fuck-ups revealed; the band themselves exposed in all their primal mess." 

First single ‘She Still Leads Me On’ is the track that reconfigured what the album could be. A beautiful song written from Brett to his late mother. 

As its title suggests, Autofiction is one of Anderson’s most personal records yet. Reflecting on the process of writing acclaimed works of memoir Coal Black Mornings and Afternoons With The Blinds Drawn helped Brett get a newfound perspective on himself as a performer and singer in the public eye, much of which has bled into the lyricism of Autofiction

Pre-order Autofiction here:

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40 years since their debut ‘Happy Families', Blancmange have re-signed to London Records and announced their seventeenth studio album ‘Private View’ for release on 30th September. 

Pre-order 'Private View':

Listen to new single 'Some Times These': 

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The Adventures - The Sea Of Love (Expanded Edition)

Formed in Belfast in 1984 out of the ashes of new wave band Tango Brigade, The Adventures enjoyed a decade-long career, recording four albums for Chrysalis, Elektra and Polydor. The band were fronted by the distinctive vocals of Terry Sharpe, while their songs were largely written by talented guitarist Pat Gribben.

The Sea Of Love, their second album, was their most successful. Issued on Elektra in May 1988, the album reached No. 30 on the UK charts. It was fuelled by the success of the memorable single ‘Broken Land’, a haunting ballad which peaked at No. 20 (it was the most played song on Radio 1 that year).

This expanded reissue is the first time that The Sea Of Love has been revisited on CD. The eight bonus tracks are culled from the various singles plucked from the album – ‘Broken Land’, ‘One Step From Heaven’ and ‘Drowning In The Sea Of Love’.

Pat Gribben has been interviewed for the sleeve-notes and Terry Sharpe has supplied rare images of the band to make this a worthy new edition of this popular album.

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Swing Out Sister - Blue Mood, Breakout And Beyond
The Early Years Part 1 (8CD Box Set)

Formed in 1985, Swing Out Sister the band consisted of Corinne Drewery (vocals), Andy Connell (keyboards) and Martin Jackson (drums). The band found almost immediate success with the single ‘Breakout’ and throughout the 80s they released numerous albums and toured regularly building a large and devoted fan base.

Volume One of Swing Out Sister’s ‘Early Years’ containing the albums from 1985 – 1992 in all their original glory. Compiled in conjunction with Corinne Drewery and Andy Connell. Featuring all the hits from the time including ‘Breakout’, ‘Fooled By A Smile’, ‘Surrender’ and ‘Notgonnachange’ plus their ‘Live At The Jazz Café’ album, featuring live arrangements from the early 90s and, on discs 5-8: B-Sides, 7” mixes, remixes and rare versions.

Housed in a sturdy box to fit 8CDs and booklet containing a full track annotation and rare memorabilia with illustrations by Corinne Drewery and sleeve notes by SDE Blogger Paul Sinclair who has spoken to band members current and past.

Swing Out Sister are planning further shows and are currently recording a big band album.

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