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LAU’s second album “Circumstance” re-imagined by 12 producers from around the world.


Includes 12 fantastic remixes from Luke Million, Thought Beings, The Last Concorde, Oblique, Walter Alienson, Diskette, Sebastian Da Vinn, Ends 84, HMNS, Young Empress, LLUVA and SYNTRONIXFrom Synthwave to House, to Disco, to Trip Hop to Retrowave, this Remixes album is a must-have gem.


Track List:


  1. Instant Sunshine (HMNS Remix)
  2. What To Do (Sebastian Da Vinn Remix)
  3. The Fire (Walter Alienson Remix)
  4. Instant Sunshine (Diskette Remix)
  5. What To Do (Young Empress Remix)
  6. Instant Sunshine (Luke Million Remix)
  7. Give Her Your Love (The Last Concorde Remix)
  8. If You Could Know (Oblique Remix)
  9. Give Her Your Love (SYNTRONIX Remix)
  10. Instant Sunshine (Thought Beings Remix)
  11. Give Her Your Love (Ends 84 Remix)
  12. Undecided (LLUVA Remix)


Pre-save link:

Release date: April 29, 2022, on Aztec Records.

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Ascendant synth and alt pop queen Laura Dre returns with a new single 'Without Words', co-produced with Joshua Tree-based music producer Robert Harder. Laura Dre's sultry contralto soars above smooth keys and groove with a subject that the LGBTQ community will surely identify with. Included in the single is Laura Dre's own 'Bedroom Remix', an instrumental version with a tip of the hat to Nu Disco and the synthwave community that have grown to love both her and the music she has been writing since her debut release in 2021.

"Without Words is the 2nd single of my upcoming synthpop album and the meaning behind the song is about the development of feelings for someone without the use of words. Observations from a distance. I hope you all enjoy this little synthpop love anthem." - Laura Dre

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Following up on the acclaimed 2021 debut album Vinyl City, Radio Static marks the first single of MORPHOICE’s sophomore album Fire Into A Flame, due to release late summer 2022. 

Radio Static features the emotional vocals of exceptional synthwave talent Patrick Russell, real recordings of vintage 80s hardware synthesizers like the Yamaha DX7, original Simmons drums and luscious rock guitars. 

Radio Static tells the desperate story of trying to get in touch with a long lost loved one over a haunted ham radio.

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After releasing the hit album Young & In Love last year, New Yorkers Bunny X asked some of the hottest names in the international electronic scene to reimagine some of the highlights of the album and were truly thrilled with the response they received. 

Perfect Paradise, remixed by Ricky Wilde, and featuring 80s superstar Kim Wilde as a guest performer opens the album in style. 

The remixes go from New jack swing, courtesy of Syst3m Glitch, classic retrowave from Italian artist Le Cast, to complete reworks by The Secret Chord, Maxx Parker, GeoVoc and Mike Haunted.

Spanish producer Uncover takes on Head Rush and this remix, along with Fulvio Colasanto's version, seem destined for the dance floors this coming summer.

The incredibly talented Sferro bends the vocals on another variation of Head Rush as well as Sight Telma Club, who's taken a similar approach.

Young & In Love (The Remixes) is yet another impressive milestone in Bunny X's amazing career so far.

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Maxthor just released A Restless Fire.

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