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Taken from their debut album of the same name, ‘All Of Those Nights (Santa Monica Mix)’ is a brand new recorded and extended version of the album title track and features new vocals, guitars and arrangement. 


Described as ‘the Synthwave London Grammar’, The Lightning Kids have strong nostalgic electronic roots mixed with nods to great 70’s & 80’s records by The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac. 


‘All Of Those Nights’ is heavily influenced by 1980’s sun-drenched California and tells the story of two star-crossed teenagers and endless summer nights riding in fast cars, dancing at amusement parks and lying underneath the stars.


Since the release of ‘All of Those Nights’ in November, The Lightning Kids have quickly gained a following racking up nearly a 1m views on Tik Tok with their movie-clip mash-ups leading to a #1 album placement on the German alternative album chart on I-Tunes and Top 10 in over 5 countries. The band have racked up over 50,000 views on You Tube and have surpassed 100,000 organic album streams.


2023 sees The Lightning Kids prepare for the release of new music such as some remixes and new songs due for release throughout the year.


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