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Out March 15th with club ready remixes!
Pre-Save to your libraries now :)
I am SO EXCITED to announce the brand new single ...  which is my duet with dance music legend Ultra Naté called 'Every Emotion'.

We just filmed the video together in Baltimore, which will be out around the single but for now you can pre-save the single, which also features remixes from NYC Nightlife superstar James Anthony, Club Cumming's resident DJ Thomas CW and Billboard Dance Chart favourite John "J-C" Carr.

'Enjoy Youth' album out May 17th
Pre-order here on Vinyl, CD, Cassette & Digital Formats!

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08 Mar 2024 - Thought Beings - Sigil

Thought Beings are a collective of artists, musicians, singers and songwriters run by founding members Orion, Lemon and Amos

Sigil” is the first single from their upcoming summer album. It is the classic tale of a young woman who seeks the attention of a mysterious young man with her ancient magical spells. But when they finally meet, something unexpected happens; the line between fantasy and reality begins to blur. 

Wrapped in Lemon’s spellbinding voice, New Jack Swing beats, shiny synthesizers, and groovy guitars, “Sigil” is a sultry yet funky track perfect for feeling the fantasy.

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Electrified’ is the second single from Italian producer Fulvio Colasanto’s upcoming brand new album and it’s a 4-way collaboration across the ocean, featuring prominent figures from the Synthwave/Retrowave scene: Barcelona based singer LAU, New York based duo Bunny X and Belgian producer Syntronix.

This Electro Pop track talks about that push and pull synergy between two people when they are first getting to know each other. Those first days when you ‘ve just met someone and you don’t know if it will develop into something else or not.

Think Daft Punk meets Erasure. Catchy and uplifting, this track sets the tone for what’s to come in Fulvio Colasanto’s new album in 2024.

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Michaela May - Ultraviolet
Out now on Aztec Records!

Known for her blend of nostalgic 80s vibes and infectious melodies, Michaela May's newest offering delivers a dynamic and hard hitting punch of love's intricacies and uncertainties. 'Ultraviolet' delves deep into the heart of emotional vulnerability under the guise of an uptempo homage to the 80s. Michaela May paints a vivid portrait of unrequited affection and the struggle to decipher the enigmatic emotions of shadows.'

With previous singles such as 'Crying At The Radio', 'Monster', and 'Two Faced Lover' garnering acclaim within the synthpop and synthwave community, Michaela May continues to solidify her status as a trailblazing artist in the genre. Seamlessly blending nostalgic 80s sounds with her own unique flair, Michaele May's songwriting prowess and mesmerising vocals shine through in every release.

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