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10 Mar 2023 - Michaela May - Monster

Back with her 2nd single off her upcoming EP, “Monster” provides a more introspective look into anger, betrayal and infidelity. 

Michaela May’s last single, "Crying At The Radio", was very well received in the Synthwave and Retrowave scenes. Now Michaela is back with “Monster”, where we hear her more energetic and fiery than ever before. 

Monster” recalls a vulnerable moment where a significant other has betrayed your trust one too many times. The song dives into complex emotions as we journey  through Michaela’s innermost thoughts.

Michaela describes, “We often hear songs lamenting over past relationships. With Monster, I wanted to write a song that really chronicles the stages of grief and anger that you go through. Dive a little deeper into the myriad of feelings that happen when you have been blindsided or betrayed.”

Sonically, Monster maintains Michaela’s synth-pop signature shimmer combined with a bit more darkness, while managing to feel retro and contemporary at the same time.

Michaela’s upcoming EP is on deck for early summer 2023. If Monster and Crying At The Radio are anything to go by, listeners and fans should be ready for a powerful, brazen and anthemic EP.

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