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27 Sep 2021 - Fly By Midnight - 6AM

Presave the new Fly By Midnight single '6AM' simply by clicking on the artwork below.

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Synthwave artists Zak Vortex & Young Empress have joined forces for an exclusive collaboration, covering the timeless and ever-popular Fleetwood Mac to deliver their very own, retro synth inspired interpretation of Go Your Own Way.

Atmospheric, arpeggiated synth melodies & classic 80s guitars blend together the retro infused electronica of Zak Vortex with the nostalgic undertones of Young Empress, making this smooth little number a cover full of daydreams & night drive vibes.

Enchanting vocals skate across the track, radiating new romantic tones & freewheeling harmonies, all of which draws to a climax of their very own take on a well known & loved guitar solo. Steady bass lines & shadowy vocals work together to coat this track in sentimental sounds alongside an increasingly nostalgic production style.

Zak Vortex & Young Empress have demonstrated that this track is both powerful & engaging, even when delicate.

Radiating ethereal energy bathed in a haunting shadow of sound this cover resounds loud & clear from a great partnership of artists.

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21 Sep 2021 - Saint Innocent - Midlife

Saint Innocent is the moniker of French producer Julien Touvet. After having been a DJ for most of the 2000s, Saint Innocent started composing his own music.

Initially inspired by the French Touch movement, he gradually integrated sounds from the 80s to enrich his productions and express more accurately his influences.

Midlife is his debut single on Aztec Records and the first cut from his debut album coming out in December 2021. With this track, Saint Innocent tells the story of a couple in the middle of their lives. Bound by an unmentionable secret, they keep hope in their love.

A catchy and rhythmic track, with an end-of-summer flavour, that makes you want to feel each moment to the full.

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The new Softwave single 'System Failure' seeks to show how important it is to maintain a permanent balance, a harmony between connecting with other people via a computer – and actually socializing in physical form. A contrast between the modern and traditional way of communication, for lack of better wording. 

For the first time ever SoftWave has included vocoded vocals by Jerry Olsen, to emphasize how much certain people live their lives through a computer – and almost communicate to the world with it.


Stream / buy 'System Failure' on your favourite platform:


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