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Merging '80s pop sensibilities with modern-day electronic music production skills and a punk attitude, Badison's debut EP 'Out Of Nowhere' blends the lushness of SoCal soft rock and the catchiness of synthpop songwriting with a unique voice that has something to say. 

After several years of playing guitar and drums with a variety of underground metal, indie and punk bands, the self-taught multi-instrumentalist geared up for the release of her self-produced EP. It is her very perspective on the world and what living in it means, her well-observed and pointed lyrics as well as her memorable vocal performance that elevates her EP debut from a calling card to an artistic statement. 

'Out Of Nowhere (EP)' makes it obvious that with Badison, it's always personal. And she is here to stay.

Buy your copy on Bandcamp or stream it!

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