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01 May 2021 - Mondmann - Beyond

Mondmann released his first heavily future bass influenced track 'Tell me what you want' striking a new path of Synthwave influenced future pop. After experimenting a while with synths and singers Mondmann started to work on his very first album and approached Aztec Records with early demos.

Together they pushed the Artists sound further and further until BEYOND started to unfold. Each track has its own mindset, its own little story to tell. BEYOND is Mondmann's outbreak of his musical boundaries to finally find to himself and do what he alway wanted - little musical journeys to dream to.

Combining the melodic nostalgia of synthwave with modern aesthetics like vocal chops and valiant beats Mondmann creates new, interesting soundscapes to please both sides, the old school retro synthwave listeners as well as new listeners coming to the scene.

Written by
Sven Mieke
Produced by Mondmann

℗ 2021 Aztec Music Publishing

© 2021 Aztec Records Ltd
All rights reserved

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