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Top 30,??October 30, 2010
TW / LW / WC Artist - Song
01 / (01) / (10) Hurts - Wonderful Life
02 / (02) / (07) Armin van Buuren vs Sophie Ellis Bextor - Not Giving Up On Love
03 / (03) / (09) Pete Burns - Never Mary An Icon
04 / (04) / (07) Robyn - Hang With Me
05 / (06) / (08) OMD - If You Want It
06 / (08) / (05) Morrissey - Everyday Is Like Sunday
07 / (05) / (13) A-Ha - Butterfly, Butterfly
08 / (09) / (08) Cat Goscovitch - Mountain Talk
09 / (12) / (05) Kylie Minogue - Get Outta My Way
10 / (07) / (09) Paola & Chiara - Pioggia d'Estate
11 / (14) / (04) Groove Armada & Will Young - History
12 / (13) / (05) Hej Matematik - Legendebørn
13 / (11) / (06) The Irrepressibles - In This Shirt
14 / (18) / (03) christopher ANTON - A Shattered Mind
15 / (17) / (04) Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me
16 / (16) / (06) Shy'm - Je Suis Moi
17 / (10) / (10) Kent - Gamla Ullevi
18 / (20) / (04) Jonsi - Boy Lilikoi
19 / (22) / (03) Laserkraft 3D - Nein Mann
20 / (15) / (14) christopher ANTON - Lovefix
21 / (27) / (02) Carlsson - The Girl I Used To Know
22 / (19) / (12) Alphabeat - Heatwave
23 / (25) / (03) Andy Bell - Non-Stop
24 / (---) / (01) Alphaville - I Die For You Yoday
25 / (29) / (02) Annie Lennox - Universal Child
26 / (23) / (05) Antony And The Johnsons - Thank You For Your Love
27 / (21) / (12) When In Rome - Heaven Knows (PWL Mix)
28 / (---) / (01) Paola & Chiara - Milleluci
29 / (---) / (01) Michael Bublé - Hollywood
30 / (24) / (07) Ace of Base - All For You

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02 Nov 2010 - News from Adele!

Just got back from a short trip away, I met Zach Galifianakis! He's so much fun. I also saw Lady Antebellum play and it was SO special! Such charmers. Got some very exciting news coming up regarding them, but not sure if I'm the person to announce it so I wont just yet!

In other news my record is all done!! I confirmed the artwork a couple of days ago. All the details of what, where and when will be going up at 00:00 GMT on Tuesday on the website! Just waiting for it to be set up online proper and then its all yours!

Until Tuesday!
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27 Oct 2010 - 80's News

BLANCMANGE will release a new album 'Blanc Burn' on February 28th and will mark the release with a series of UK dates in March, see GIGS for all the dates.

HAIRCUT 100 have announced a special one-off reunion show next year, at which they will perform their debut album 'Pelican West' in its entirety. The show will take place on January 28th at the IndigO2 in London with tickets onsale now.

RUSTY EGAN, formerly of VISAGE and THE SKIDS and founder of the legendary Blitz Club, has released a collaboration between himself and RICHARD JAMES BURGESS, producer and one-time member of LANDSCAPE, that was originally recorded in 1980. The instrumental track, 'Shock', is credited to R.E.R.B and is out now on Egan's own Blitz Club Records label. The release features two versions of the track; the original 1980 version; and an updated 2010 remix by Egan himself and is available as a download or on 12" vinyl.

HOLLY JOHNSON will release a three-disc edition of his 1989 solo album 'Blast' on November 22nd. The new edition will feature two CDs containing the original album, the 'Hollelujah' remix album, and a selection of other remixes, b-sides and rarities, plus a DVD of promotional videos. See NEWS for the full album and DVD tracklisting.

THE CURE's ROBERT SMITH has provided vocals for a new version of 'Not In Love', the new single from Crystal Castles, which will be released on December 6th.

FIVE STAR will release expanded editions of their 'Silk & Steel' and 'Luxury of Life' albums on November 15th. Both reissues will include a number of bonus tracks including remixes and rare tracks. See NEWS for the full tracklisting of both albums.

THE CARS are working on new material, their first for over twenty years, and have previewed one track - 'Blue Tip' - on their Facebook page. The reunited band have also hinted that they will support the release with a full tour.

BRYAN FERRY will release his new album 'Olympia' next week. The album will feature eight new songs - including the single 'You Can Dance' - alongside covers of Tim Buckley's 'Song to the Siren' and Traffic's 'No Face, No Name, No Number'.

BANANARAMA have written and recorded a Christmas song entitled 'Baby, It's Christmas' and will be announcing release details shortly.

JAKI GRAHAM will release a new compilation 'Absolute Essential' on October 25th featuring 2-CDs of material covering her eighties success and beyond. Meanwhile Jaki Graham is working on a new album with artist turned producer Patrice Rushen. See NEWS for the full album tracklisting.

GO WEST have delayed the release of the second of their three-part '3D' release to November 2nd. The EP, part of the band's 25th anniversary releases, will feature four new tracks plus a new version of 'We Close Our Eyes'.

SALT-N-PEPA have released two new songs - 'Big Girls' and 'She's Killin' Me' - via download and have US dates lined up in February and March under the banner 'Salt-N-Pepa presents Legends of Hip Hop 2011'.

THE BELLE STARS will release a 2-CD retrospective '80s Romance - The Complete Belle Stars' on October 25th. The compilation will feature some of the band's best known songs alongside video, rare tracks, remixes and b-sides and the sleeve notes will include new interviews with all seven of the band members. See NEWS for the full album tracklisting.

U2 will release an early album in the early part of next year. The release, currently with the working title of 'Songs of Ascent', will be out in time for the band's US dates in May next year and will include a number of tracks that band have already previewed during their recent dates.

With thanks to:

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Hello all,

After locking ourselves away for six weeks in deepest Surrey, on a diet of glogg and cheese footballs
to get us in the spirit, we can announce that our long promised Christmas album A GLIMPSE OF
is finally ready. It will mix eight old (some very rare) songs with seven brand new ones.
All of the new ones are written by us except for WINTERTIME LOVE which was written by proto-goth
legends The Doors.

Other treats to accompany a feast of port and stilton include the saucy UNWRAP ME, the Daft Punk
meets Lieutenant Pigeon rave-up GONNA HAVE A PARTY, and the Rea-in-reverse WELCOME HOME,
ready made for a Woolworths ad that will sadly never be. Pete has also written a cracking uptempo
melancholy track with an Ennio Morricone/New Order feel that is so new it doesn't have a title yet.

Now, not everyone feels quite the same way about Christmas as we do (especially birthday boy Bob,
who thinks he owns it) so this will be a limited edition of 3,000 numbered copies, available for the 2010
festive season only. And unlike FOXBASE BETA it won't be available in the shops.

A GLIMPSE OF STOCKING will be available to pre order for a limited period between 7pm (UK time) on
Wednesday 3rd November and Midnight (UK time) on Saturday 20th November. After that, the shop
doors will shut as we'll have to get them in the post. We'll mail out details of the link from which you
can buy it a few hours before the on-sale time next Wednesday.

The album will be available to buyers all over the world at three price levels:
i) £12 for the numbered CD album
ii) £16 for the numbered CD album with a Christmas card signed by all three band members
iii) £150 for the numbered CD album, a personally dedicated Christmas card signed by the band,??
??plus an extra CD with a PERSONALLY DEDICATED CHRISTMAS SONG, sung by Sarah,
not available on the main album.
This is the only way you'll be able to get this song! And your name will be in the lyric!

Albums will be shipped between 26th-29th of November so they should, postal workers willing,
reach everyone well in time for Christmas. The maximum number you can order is three copies.

The gorgeous artwork, and the card, are both designed by Lora Findlay, who designed the sleeve for
Tales From Turnpike House.

A Glimpse Of Stocking. It's the perfect Christmas present to yourself!

Love Sarah Bob and Pete xxx

2nd December
supporting Scissor Sisters at the Brighton Centre
10th December
Belle & Sebastian's All Tomorrow's Parties, Minehead

11th December -
Set Theatre, Kilkenny
16th December - Glasgow ABC
17th December - Manchester Ritz
18th December - London HMV Forum

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Following many requests for CD editions of Andy Bell's singles from the 'Non-Stop' album, Mute Records and the EIS are pleased to announce a very special limited-edition 'Non-Stop' boxset exclusively available from the
Official Erasure Shop at Lexer Music. The box will contain 2 CDs featuring the 'Running Out', 'Will You Be There?' and 'Non-Stop' single tracks and remixes previously only available via download, plus a number of previously unreleased tracks and remixes. Limited to just 500 copies the boxset will be shrink-wrapped and will ship containing both CDs, however the box will also contain space for the 'Non-Stop' album CD and the 'Call On Me' single CD, collecting together all the physical formats available across the 'Non-Stop' project in one special collector's package. See Andy's website for more details and the full tracklisting, and Lexer Music to pre-order.

We've already put a few of the entries to Vince's 'just for a laugh' video competition
online, which you can see on his website. We'll be adding some more of the entries shortly, but if you still fancy making a video for the unreleased instrumental Erasure track 'Symphony' then you still have a few days to do so. The downloadable track and all the details are available on Vince's??website!

Andy Bell will return to the DJ booth at London club The Eagle this coming friday, October 29th. See the news section on Andy's
website for more details. There's also a DJ date (including a PA performing a couple of songs) coming up at The Ritz in New York City in November (probably the 9th or 10th), more details on that as soon as everything is confirmed!

Vince Clarke was recently interviewed by ‘about style, fashion — and, of course, his decades of making music’ for a short two-part feature entitled 'Conversation with an Icon'. You can read the pieces by clicking
here and here.

Thanks to:

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