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The new single from Marc Almond, Elusive Butterfly, is out now and is taken from his forthcoming album I'm Not Anyone.

Listen to Elusive Butterfly now at:

Alongside his status as one of the best songwriters of his generation, both in his solo career and as a member of the hugely influential Soft Cell, Marc Almond has built a reputation for being one of music's greatest exponents of the art of the cover version. Always adept at taking a song and making it his own, Marc's cover versions represent some of the landmarks in modern pop music – from 'Tainted Love' to 'The Days Of Pearly Spencer', from 'Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart' to 'Jacky'.

For his latest solo outing I'm Not Anyone Marc has done it again, with a deeply impressive suite of impeccably chosen interpretations of gems from the likes of Don McLean, King Crimson, Paul Anka, Colin Blunstone and Mahalia Jackson. Brought together on I'm Not Anyone, the 11-strong song cycle makes for a unified, soulful experience, with a deep emotional resonance.

Available in CD and LP Vinyl Album formats.

The new album, I'm Not Anyone, will be released on 12 July and can be pre-ordered now from:

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These songs will not be included in the digital release of the 4 CD deluxe re-issue of Electribal Memories, so they are presented here as a separate EP. All tracks recorded at Elephant House, Birmingham, UK.

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NINA and RADIO WOLF team up to create two fiery back-to-back singles.

Friday, March 8th

'MY DARK' romanticises the dark, even cruel desire to unleash an unforgiving spirit on a lover. Lyrics like, "Heavy...Burn...Ignite...My cruel heart...Sweet dreams, I'll be your nightmare" are delivered with ruthless assurance by NINA. Her vocal verve playfully unveils moments of deadpan, allure, and erupting lust. Radio Wolf's electrifying synths, overdriven guitar riffs with reverb and experimental SFX all fuse to create an expansive sonic atmosphere for NINA's restless voice to haunt.

Friday, March 15th

'BLUESBREAKER' ignites a fiery fusion of electro, rock and blues. The raunchy lyrics and erotic vocal delivery by NINA, "Killer in a nightdress...Burn me up...Cure me of the bad...Riding waves of fire...Night lust", are thematically accented by RADIO WOLF's meaty, memorable guitar hooks, throbbing beat, and spacey electronic SFX, including even a ghostly blues harmonica. Out there!


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Again, I Wait For The World’ originally dates back to 1979 and another of Neil Arthur’s earlier bands, the pre-Blancmange and long-forgotten L360. This 45-year old song kept nagging at him so earlier this year he finally completed it. Despite its incredibly prolonged gestation it sounds oddly modern, capturing the urgency and propulsion of a band still carving out a unique and vital space in music.

“I’m still trying to find the other members of L360 to credit them,” says Neil, “because without them, I wouldn’t be here.”

‘Again, I Wait for The World’ is the calling card for ‘Everything is Connected – The Best of Blancmange 1979 – 2024’ encompassing the band’s chart hits, left-leaning tracks and everything in-between.  Blancmange tour throughout the UK in May and June in support of the collection.

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