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This is seriously sexy stuff from the world's most famous bottom displayer. "Chocolate" is taken from Kylie's magnificent "Body Language" album and features a vocal from the diminutive pop princess that literally drips with sensuality. We know the effect that chocolate is supposed to have on women, but with "Chocolate" Kylie may recreate the feeling in men as well. Saucy!

?? ??

Chocolate is released on 2 CDs and a 12" on June 28!

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17 Jun 2004 - New and Forthcoming

Agnetha FältskogScissor Sisters
When You Walk In The Room (2x CDs)Laura (2x CDs)
Janet JacksonGünther
All Nite (Don't Stop)/ I Want You (2x CDs)Ding Dong Song (2x CDs)
O-ZoneBritney Spears
Dragostea Din Tei (CDs)Everytime (CDs + DVDs)
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06 Jun 2004 - New Releases


Scissor Sisters - Laura (CDs 2 track, CDs 3 track + 2 videos)

The glam rock anthem "Laura" is taken from the Scissor Sisters hugely successful self-titled debut album that has had critics and music fans salivating with pleasure throughout 2004. The New York indie-popsters have become the band of the year and "Laura" is set to continue their meteoric rise into the stratosphere of musical greatness.


Agnetha Faltskog - When You Walk Into The Room (CDs 2 track, CDs 3 track)

The second single to be taken from Agnetha Faltskog's "My Colouring Book"??album (following "If I Ever Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind"), is a fantastic interpretation of a former Searchers hit. Upbeat and fun this proves that there really is life after Abba.

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06 Jun 2004 - Sweet Coffee

Holdin' On

Memory Lane

Start Believin'

Sweet Coffee??is??a Belgian Soul / Jazzy / Dance act formed in 2003.

There members are:
Samia Verdeyen (vocals)
Patrick Bruyndonckx (music)
Raf Brescia (music)

First single 'Don't Need You (Anymore)' became a big hit in Belgium but they also had success in the Netherlands and other European countries.

Their debut album 'Memory Lane' will not only be released in the Benelux but also in the UK, Australia, South America, Greece, Israel, Switzerland, Portugal??and Italy.

Their major aim is to make music that could be put in the same category as St. Germain. Timeless music, music you can listen to wherever you are, whenever you want.. no matter what you are doing. But at the same time their music is catchy and dancable.

All??three singles can be found on their debut album but also great songs such as 'Let It Flow', 'Weekend Lover' and the Sade cover 'No Ordinary Love'.


1.??Start Believin'??????
??2.??Don't Need You??????
??3.??Feelin' Good??????
??4.??Ordinary Love??????
??5.??Let It Flow??????
??6.??Holdin' On??????
??7.??In Love??????
??8.??Weekend Lover??????
??10.??La Lumiére??????
??11.??Memory Lane Reprise??????
??12.??Don't Need You??????
??13.??Holdin' On
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06 Jun 2004 - Depeche Mode Albums

Some of their best albums to date:

Time Again

A Broken FrameSome Great
Black Celebration
Music For The

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