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Tommy Countach teamed up with fellow Berlin Synthwave artist Kid Macdonald (member of Massive Z) to produce a cover of Owl City’s classic tune Fireflies. In their version they combine both their vocals stacked in big harmonies, accompanied with soft rock guitars and 80s synth sounds. The song balances between a classic retro feel in songwriting and sound design as well as a modern touch from the production side.

The song was produced in Macdonald’s and Tommy’s home studios in Berlin. Kid Macdonald did a basic layout and sent it over to Tommy to record analog synths and vocals as well as mixing and mastering. To keep it as authentic as possible they used 80s synths like an Oberheim OBX, Roland D-50 and a Roland JX8-P from the mid 80s.

With their very own version of ‘Fireflies’ the duo wants to appreciate Owl City’s masterpiece 14 years after its release and also set stone for possible upcoming collabs between the two.

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