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There’s a place in Calgary, the Gem of the New West out on the Canadian prairies in the shadow of the illustrious Rockies. A street lit by the glow of neon lights. Wet pavement. The muted sounds of subwoofers coming from venues along the strip. During the ‘80s, 11th Avenue was Calgary’s nightlife hotspot. It’s where the nighthawks went to smoke cigarettes, listen to music, and to share drinks and subtle whispers with strangers in the dark. After the sun went down, on hot summer night or during early winter evenings when frost encrusted the concrete, strangers and friends alike met to experience a beautiful afterglow after solemn sunsets in a city left behind by the rest of the world.

After the oil bust, 11th Avenue lost its luster. The nightlife was vanquished. The strangers disappeared into the shadows. The subwoofers were silenced. The neon signs were extinguished. And life moved on.

But 11th Avenue is slowly returning to its previous glory. It is known as Electric Avenue. And the sixth full-length studio record from Moonrunner83 pays homage to its story, its loneliness, and its power.

It's our story. Yours. Mine. Ours. The story of a city forgotten. A city crumbling. A city rebuilt. The epicenter of a magical and musical eventide. Its the electricity runs in our veins.

Join us…down on Electric Avenue.

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