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Pet Shop Boys announce the upcoming release of ‘Relentless’ – a special limited edition issued to celebrate the 30th anniversary of an album which occupies a legendary status in their catalogue.

Pet Shop Boys’ fifth studio album ‘Very’ was released in September 1993 to massive acclaim and success (the album was preceded by the singles ‘Can you forgive her?’ and ‘Go West’, still two of the duo’s most popular songs today). It charted at Number 1 in the UK and all five singles entered the UK Top 20.

A limited edition of the record, ‘Very Relentless’ was also released including a six-track dance album, ‘Relentless’, which was also available at the time as a rare standalone album and limited to just 500 copies. This swiftly became one of the most sought-after Pet Shop Boys artefacts. The six tracks on ‘Relentless’ have not been available since the original release.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the ‘Relentless’ album will now be released as a remastered CD.

"Pet Shop Boys - Relentless" is out Friday, 20th October 2023 on Warner Music and available for pre-order now.

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