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15 Oct 2023 - Jay Wires - Ghost

New York City based synthesist-songwriter Jay Wires dials up catchy electropop infused with human emotion - synthpop art with a human heart.

Victims of ghosting are often left confused and wondering what went wrong. “Ghost” by Jay Wires conveys succinctly that hollow ache, in an uncomplicated and beautifully poignant way, with a lush immersive sound that embodies that emptiness which consumes you to your very core.

With cleanly layered analog synths evoking desolate war-torn landscapes with background shades of Vangelis-meets-Depeche Mode, this despondent lament intensifies with its elements building into an eerie, enveloping wall of sound, expressing an overwhelming distress as the song’s subject flits away, on to their next victim.

From the initial gasp of breath, to the grand finale, this compelling track draws us into a delicious melancholia, perfect for the Halloween season.

"Ghost" will be released on October 20, 2023.



Jay Wires

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