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a-ha have announced that their iconic debut album Hunting High And Low will be released for the first time ever in a stunning 6LP boxset.

The boxset of the 1985 album will be released on 24 February, featuring an expanded track selection including demos, extended versions, alternate mixes, and B-sides. It will also feature a collectible rigid slipcase box, containing the album represented across 60 tracks on black 140g vinyl,  and a 64 -page 12”x12” booklet with extensive liner notes and photography.

Hunting High And Low is regarded as one of the most successful debut albums of all-time, and spawned an incredible career for the Norwegian band. With hit singles such as The Sun Always Shines On TV, Love Is Reason, Hunting High And Low and, of course, the iconic Take On Mea-ha achieved international acclaim, and the album saw them nominated for a Grammy Award in 1986 for Best New Artist.

Regarding the 6LP boxset release, the band said: “Recording Hunting High And Low was such a defining moment and an exciting time in our career and joint collaboration, so revisiting this body of work now – more than 30 years later – feels like inspiration rather than obligation”.


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