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Young Empress are a Synthwave duo inspired by movie soundtracks & 80s nostalgia. With a shared love of classic synths, haunting guitars, powerful harmonies & punchy, 80s inspired drums. Bursting with energy this duo has managed to craft their own unique brand of Synthwave.
New track "Seperate Ways (Worlds Apart)" is out now.

As his fourth collaboration track, Montreal's EhRah returns with Barcelona based singer LAU for the last single before his second album drops. 'Galaxy' is a song about trying to get over a breakup, but realising that is not as easy as it seems. It's about giving it another go, when love is simply deeper than a galaxy.

'Forgiven' is a new song by sp84 and Emily Zuzik. 'Forgiven' combines the power of synthpop and 80s smooth r'n'b rhythmics, with funky guitar and hypnotic sax. It results in a deep and cerebral emotional journey through your emotion.

Michaela May is a Scottish singer, songwriter and actress based in Toronto, Canada. Having spent a few years away from music, Michaela is back with her first single 'Crying At The Radio' from her forthcoming EP. 'Crying At The Radio' is a track that reminisces about long-lost, endless summer nights with the love of your life. It's inspired by Roy Orbison's 'I Drove All Night' mixed with new Retrowave classics from The Weeknd and Dua Lipa. The track is a result of a collaboration between Michaela May and Jonny Spalding (The Lightening Kids) who met in London in 2014.

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"Never regret your choices, some day will come when everything fades to gray".
New Climate Zombies track 'Choices" is out now.

New Arcades are a London based synth-pop / electronic music duo. Combining vintage synths and contemporary production alongside soaring, melodic vocals; they create a unique and nostalgic, 80’s inspired sound.
New track "Edge of Oblivion" is out now.

Roberto Alvear started his solo project called Pulsar in 2004, becoming Nova Pulsar for legal reasons. He has participated in remixes and collaborations in English and Spanish for other acts. Nova Pulsar's music is a blend of Synthpop, Synthwave, New Wave, and Chillpop, with a heavy influence from the 80s.
New track "Tus Trampas" is out now.

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sp84 & Emily Zuzik 

Thursday 3rd November
Crying At The Radio
Michaela May

Out Friday 4th November
I Need That Fire (Envotion Remix)
ELSP & Teya Flow

Out Thursday 10th November
Fallen Into Dreaming
Natalie Gray

Out Friday 11th November
Find Love
Jessy Mach & LAU

Out Thursday 17th November
Tiny Love
I Am Boleyn

Out Friday 18th November
Arcade Memories

Out Wednesday 23th November
Truth Behind Your Soul

Out Thursday 24th November
All Of Those Nights (LP)
The Lightning Kids

Out Friday 25th November

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