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MORRISSEY's forthcoming studio album will be called 'Ringleader Of The Tormentors' and is scheduled for a Spring 2006 release. The album is expected to be finished in November with sometime DAVID BOWIE collaborator TONY VISCONTI and in contrast to early indications that the album was to take a rock flavour, Morrissey himself has gone on record to describe the record as "the most beautiful, perhaps the most gentle, so far".

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08 Oct 2005 - 80's News

KATE BUSH has revealed the tracklisting for her forthcoming double studio album 'Aerial' which is to be released on November 7th.
will publish an autobiography late next year. 'Stand &Deliver' will be written by Adam himself and will cover the singers life from childhood through pop superstardom and his recent mental-health problems.

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Alison Moyet will be making some in store appearances in the U.S.A. during October.

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Biggest of the lot is 'Push The Button' from the Sugababes who it appears have managed to put their continually hinted at mutual loathing aside to make another album. Its lead single shows you just why we should be glad of that. As is the current vogue, 'Push The Button' is an early 80s inspired track replete with their usual close-knit harmonies, an infectious chorus and a futuristic looking video to match. The single is their fourth chart-topper, their first since 'Hole In The Head' scaled the heights back in October 2003.????
The second biggest new hit of the week lands at Number 5 as Liberty X make their long-overdue comeback with 'Song 4 Lovers', their first hit single in almost two years. As ever the best bit about Liberty X is that they shouldn't really exist in the first place, the group formed out of the rejects from the very first Popstars TV series who went on to become far cooler, far more regarded and far more successful than the auditionees chosen ahead of them. Better yet, this new single takes the template of their past singles, rips it up and throws it away totally. The result is a single that is all the more enjoyable for the sheer unexpected nature of it. 'Song 4 Lovers' is best described as "gospel-rap" as the group join their voices together for a gospel chorus around rapped verses. The fact that the Sugababes made Number One makes the Number 5 placing for this single seem a little less unfair but in truth this deserves Top 3 status. As it stands it does at least become their seventh Top 10 hit.????
At Number 21 are New Order with 'Waiting For The Sirens' Call', the third single and title track from their current album which has deservedly been hailed as one of their better offerings in recent years. What is notable about the single release is the unconventional range of formats the single is available in. Eschewing the usual range of CD singles, 'Waiting...' was last week released as three separate old-fashioned seven-inch vinyl singles, each one with a remix of a classic track on the b-side. The intention is to flag up the imminent release of a new singles collection - just in time for the seasonal market.????
Finally this week at Number 35 is Andy Bell, better known as one half of Erasure and who after no less than 20 years partnering Vince Clarke on record finally releases a solo project. His first offering 'Crazy' suffers from the same problem that most recent Erasure singles have. What sounded fresh and exciting in 1988 is dated and tired in 2005. No longer a young man with an interesting voice, Andy Bell resembles a middle-aged has-been who really should be above wearing camp costumes and cavorting to Hi-NRG pop hits.????
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Top 20 October 1, 2005
TW / LW / WC Artist - Song
01 / (01) / (6) Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha
02 / (02) / (7) Daniel Powter - Bad Day
03 / (03) / (6) Texas - Getaway
04 / (04) / (5) Girls Aloud - Long Hot Summer
05 / (06) / (5) Gwen Stefani - Cool
06 / (08) / (4) Axelle Red - I Had A Dream
07 / (11) / (3) Andy Bell - Crazy
08 / (05) / (9) Bodies Without Organs - Open Door
09 / (10) / (4) James Blunt - You're Beautiful
10 / (07) / (9) Marc Almond - Delirious
11 / (09) / (9) Inaya Day - Nasty Girl
12 / (15) / (3) Simple Minds - Home
13 / (12) / (8) Robyn - Who's That Girl?
14 / (17) / (2) Faithless - Insomnia 2005
15 / (13) / (9) Joss Stone - Don't Cha Wanna Ride
16 / (19) / (2) Max Graham vs Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart
17 / (---) / (1) Sugababes - Push The Button
18 / (16) / (9) Paola E Chiara - Fatalitá
19 / (---) / (1) New Order - Waiting For The Sirens Call
20 / (14) / (9) Alcazar - Start The Fire
???? ??
Tips: Depeche Mode - Precious
The Ark -??Trust Is Shareware

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