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The story behind Moonrunner83's latest single is indeed a sad one. During production of You & Me At The Edge Of The World, prior to preliminary instrumental tracks growing into the song Brand New History, Chad Williamson and Austin Lam engaged one another on social media, sharing a mutual admiration for each other's work. Austin wrote and tracked vocals for a song he called Workaholic, working with the instrumental. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, the song as it was got shelved before it was even properly produced and mixed — nothing but a demo, forgotten to the ages. The instrumental was later fully polished and produced as Brand New History with new vocals and a completely different vibe.

Tragically, Austin Lam passed away in 2022. After the discovery of Austin's untimely passing, the original stems were pulled from an old hard drive, the instrumental was completely re-recorded with brand new elements: vintage synths, orchestral strings, and Austin's vocals were dusted off to be passed through outboard gear to bring out their sparkle and shine. Proper production followed with meticulous attention to detail. A mix and master were cut and Workaholic would be reborn as a tribute to one of Georgia's most incredible voices — Austin Lam.

Keeping Austin's vocals from the world would compound this enduring tragedy. The world deserves to hear Austin's soulful voice once more in a special reimagining of a track that may have forever been lost to us all.

This one is for Austin — it is for all of us. Let his voice and this beautiful collaboration echo forever through the ages.

Release date: January 26, 2024

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Dualarity, hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Devon, UK, presents their debut full-length album, The Final Frontier. As a synth pop/synthwave duo with a touch of industrial rock, Dualarity invites listeners on a captivating musical journey through eight tracks that traverse the spectrum from luminous tones to the depths of industrial dark synth.

The Final Frontier showcases a dynamic range of emotions, seamlessly blending synth pop melodies with the atmospheric grit of industrial rock. Drawing inspiration from the retro vibes of 1980s music and culture, Dualarity's debut album is a sonic exploration into the sci-fi genre's vast and immersive universe.

One standout track, Blue Eyes and Silver Linings, features a collaboration with the prominent Austrian synthwave artist Edictum and the mesmerizing vocals of New zealand based Synthwave artist INDIGO. This collaboration adds a unique layer to the album, elevating the listening experience to new heights.

With a nod to the past and a vision for the future, Dualarity's The Final Frontier is a diverse and captivating musical odyssey that invites you to embark on a journey through the realms of synthwave, sci-fi, and beyond. Get ready to immerse yourself in the atmospheric soundscape created by this exciting and upcoming duo.

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Following the debut of his new project with 'Streets After Sundown', Montreal based musician/producer EhRah has collaborated with the incredible Barcelona group Oblique, and the new single 'Feline Funk' is the result of their efforts. Combining Oblique's natural vocal talent with EhRah's clean productions, this track melds the best of both worlds together!

'Feline Funk' is the second single leading up to EhRah's new upcoming album 'Beyond the Sky', and brings together smooth keys, vibrant guitar play, a bopping bassline, all supporting the ethereal vocal lines above them. The emanating atmosphere of the track reminds the listener of a dreamy Saturday night out in the neon drenched streets of 80s Miami. With such talent bringing their best forward, it's a single that's impossible to dislike, and sure to find itself in your vibing playlists!

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'Dreams' is the third single from Kidburn's upcoming new album 'Fooled By The Rush Of Growing Up (2024)'. The follow up to the highly successful 'Love In Times Of Death (2022)'.

This new song talks about a rediscovered love as the lyrics suggest: 'Suddenly I found myself falling in love again'. A couple that broke up some years before suddenly found each other while they're on a Summer journey. The two lovers saw each other standing in the rain. The city and the world around them disappears and love takes over, again.

This new single features the great Max Cruise whose sax melodies infuse the song with a sweet and romantic melancholy but also with the wild strength of rediscovered love.

This single melancholy mood anticipates the focus of the entire album. The transitional period between adolescence and adulthood that every human being goes through. The theme of the album is generational changes, family, parenting, young love. A genuine 'coming of age' story that will resonate with audiences worldwide.

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"Find My Way" is a story of profound love, an incredible adventure followed by profound loss, and the subsequent journey of finding yourself again. 

Despite that, this song isn't a sad one - it's a note of gratitude for the moments we do have and the memories that are created from our time here on earth, the people we get to know while we're here and the relationships that grow more and more special with every moment. 

Written in part as a tribute for a dear friend, we hope this song means as much to you as it does to Ships Have Sailed.

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