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03 Feb 2023 - Coastal - Constellations

Coastal, the Leeds UK based duo consisting of Jonathan Fletcher and Aaron Hetherington, made an instant impression in the Synth and Retrowave scene with their debut release which included the fan favourite, nostalgia drenched 'Kyoto' and the electric, driving anthem 'Midnight Sky'

Whilst 'Memories' focused on the been and gone, 'Constellations' brings us on to a new journey into the very present. Introduced gently with a simple arpeggio, 'Constellations' evolves with layer after layer of midnight ambience and driving bass. The space soaked vocals of Aaron Hetherington tell the story of two former lovers. Now divided, but still filled with wonder on how everything could have been different, before breaking down into a brutally honest reflection of fault and how mental health plays a part in breaking a relationship down. 'Constellations' explodes into life with power and pace before closing out with a magnificent saxophone section. 'Constellations' covers the emotions brought about by a past relationship we never wanted to end.

Recorded back home in Yorkshire, 'Constellations' is the first single from the upcoming 2023 sophomore release 'Heartbeats'.

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