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Rising electropop act The Lightning Kids have collaborated here with retrowave duo The Last Concorde to produce the track 'Back To You', featuring Emma Ballantine on breathy vocals. The Lightning Kids have been described as the ‘Retrowave London Grammar’ and while the lyrics cover the cyclical nature of unrequited love, the song captures the essence of sun-soaked days and endless nights underneath the stars in 1980s California.

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Take That will release a new version of Greatest Day on May 5 and this is what they sau about it:

"Greatest Day is a special song for us, it was one of our biggest singles, and our 11th No.1! It’s been fantastic being in the studio working on the new version of the track with Calum Scott and Robin Schulz, both such talented artists. We’re really excited for everyone to hear it!"


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New Arcades and Droid Bishop combine to bring new single "Severed", taken from the upcoming New Arcades 3rd album, which will come out in the Summer of 2023.

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28 Apr 2023 - Arcade Ocean - Drive

Arcade Ocean is the latest project from Vienna-based artist and writer Ingo Frühwirt. Drawing inspiration from the classic retro games, movies and synthesizer music of the 80s, Arcade Ocean is a nostalgic and dreamy journey into the past. Ingo has a long history of playing in various bands before branching out into the world of synth-music.

With Arcade Ocean, he sought to create something that was both familiar and new, blending his love for the classic sounds of a long gone decade with a fresh perspective.

Arcade Ocean's second single "Drive" is a Retrowave track that captures the tension and excitement of falling in love with someone new. With pulsing arpeggiators and a driving beat, "Drive" is a sonic rush through the early stages of a new romance, where the thrill of the unknown is matched only by the excitement of sheer endless possibilities.

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34 years since they recorded ‘I Don’t Want A Lover’, then watched, gobsmacked, as it reached Number Eight in the charts, Texas, one of the UK’s most loved bands, have gone on to produce ten studio albums, selling over 40 million records worldwide. So let the fireworks begin as they today announce a special 2LP & 2CD compilation The Very Best Of 1989 - 2023.

There’s the one with The Wu-Tang Clan. The five that were Top 10 singles from one album. The one with Alan Rickman in the video. The one that was an inspired Al Green cover. The two written with diverse titans of American music, Dallas Austin and Gregg Alexander. The one that was remixed by Giorgio Moroder. The one that helped give them their first French Number One album. The segued pair that, according to the woman at the front, makes their live audiences go “absolutely fuckin’ apeshit”. The one with the video directed by Peter Kay. The other one with Wu-Tang Clan. The one that gave them, straight out of the gate, a Top 10 single with their first ever release. The club banger with a killer Donna Summer sample. And the one that ended up the theme song to a top-rating American sitcom.

Texas - The Very Best Of 1989-2023 (click to pre-order) has all of the above, and more. 24 diamonds from a glittering career, including two brand new.

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