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Erasure presents their new album Day-Glo (Based On A True Story) on vinyl and CD. An unexpected album, featuring 10 brand new songs, each track created using elements from The Neon universe. Familiar but unexpected, the songs bear little resemblance to the original album, although echoes of The Neon can be heard from time to time. The album is an alternative look at Vince and Andy's world, and marks the closure of this chapter of The Neon.

The CD edition is presented in eco packaging and includes a 16 page poster booklet.

"Erasure - Day-Glo (Based On A True Story)" is out 12th August 2022 on Mute and available for pre-order now.

Click artwork for more details!

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Götterfunken is the debut album of European outfit Lucy Dreams. The LP is the next logical step on their musical journey, which has seen them establish a connection to the artificial band member Lucy, prosper as a band and develop their distinct euphoric dreampop style, in the past described as “unique artistry” (EARMILK), “Tame Impala in Blade Runner mode” (MICA), and as “captivating melancholy” (POPMUZIK). The album is released on Aztec Records (London).


Lucy Dreams is a dreampop trio hailing from the cultural metropolis Vienna and consists of David Reiterer and Philipp Prückl. Wait, trio? That is correct, because the essence of this band arises from a crystal ball that is seemingly enthroned above all their output. Lucy is an independent system of digital and analogue effects, which was developed by David and Philipp specifically for music production. Lucy can be understood as an A.I. - however, the connection between her and the two musicians of human lineage is a far more intimate one, as Lucy is deeply involved in the songwriting process. Nobel Prize winner and poet laureate Kazuo Ishiguro recently referred to his Klara as an A.F., an artificial friend, while tech magnates call their offspring X AE A-XII. So, at the very least, Lucy deserves the title of A.B., an artificial band member, whose shape gives her a minimum amount of plasticity. 

2022 kicked off as what felt like the year after, at least that is what the public consensus wanted to welcome it as. But we are still right in the middle of it all. If anything, 2022 will be one of the final years before. It is difficult to predict whether a catastrophe or a new dawn is on the horizon. Even an intelligent crystal ball isn't able to tell as it might need an impetus. A spark. A Götterfunken.

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03 Jun 2022 - Pensacola Mist - Horizon

Pensacola Mist 'play it cool' with their final ear-worm of a single 'Horizon', ahead of the highly anticipated release of their album 'Lost In Love' this Summer. With more than a few nods to action-filled cop movies of the 80s, 'Horizon' takes us on an adrenaline-filled car chase through the Hollywood Hills after a bank robbery goes awry. A tale of inexperience, ineptitude and fear unfolds. What happens when you're born in the City of Angels with a Devil on your shoulder?

Click on the artwork to stream or buy 'Horizon'. 

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Having already released two collaborations this year alone, Montreal's EhRah returns with L.A. singer VENMC for a third banger this spring: 'By the Weekend'. Taking direct influences from huge acts such as Daft Punk, The Weeknd and Pharrell Williams, 'By the Weekend' hits the listener with some retro-futuristic synths carrying a powerful vocal performance. Another funky bop.

Click on the artwork to stream or purchase.

EhRah & VNMC
By The Weekend
Tuesday May 31

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