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Hanna Rua - Light Up Your Dark (EP)

Each song is co-written with British musician and producer Sam Martin, who previously has worked with world renowned artists such as Pet Shop Boys and Girls Aloud. Sam Martin has an excellent sense of creating catchy synth melodies and dreamy soundscapes, and together with Hanna Rua’s pure, ethereal vocals, this EP is a must have this summer. Scandinavian/British Pop at its best.

Full of uplifting and uncomplicated pop tunes within a modern 80’s sound, this EP has a deep spiritual implication which invites the listener to go into an inner journey about the purpose of finding one's true self - the light that is within us all.

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Friday Night Firefight - Somewhere Nowhere (LP)

Friday Night Firefight's sophomore album Somewhere Nowhere blends romantic 80s vibes with angsty pop punk sensibilities to create a neon lit journey through of love, heartache, yearning, compulsion, and addiction. Featuring 80s synths, funky pop punk guitar, thoughtful lyrics, and hooky melodies throughout, Somewhere Nowhere is a nostalgic exploration of personal transition from somewhere to nowhere - and back again.

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Saint Innocent - Three Hundred On Earth

Saint Innocent is the moniker of French producer Julien Touvet. After having been a DJ for most of the 2000s, Saint Innocent started composing his own music. Initially inspired by the French Touch movement, he gradually integrated sounds from the 80s to enrich his productions and to express more accurately his influences.

Three Hundred On Earth is his debut album on Aztec Records. A musical work that represents a mixture of eras. From Synthwave to Pop and Electro, with this release Saint Innocent takes us deeply into his marvelous universe.

In this album you will find eight perfect tracks to accompany the summer with good vibes.

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Pensacola Mist - Lost In Love (LP)

‘Lost In Love’ pays homage to a nostalgia tinged time that only exists through rose-tinted glasses and in-between VHS scanlines; where the passion and excitement of a new relationship can feel like an adrenaline fuelled police chase (and can end just as badly). 

The driving, upbeat force of tracks The Dying Light, Eyes On You and Losing My Mind perfectly captures the high-octane energy of the 80s, whilst more reflective tracks Come Down, Afraid To Stay the Night and the title track Lost In Love reveal the band’s insecurities, regrets and fears. The epic album closer MESSIAH (featuring Edinger and Elliott) acts as an epilogue to the album; a regret filled admission of fault and lost opportunity, calling back to themes and phrases from earlier in the record. 

“Is this what it feels like to be Lost In Love?”

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