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19 Oct 2022 - EhRah - Stardust Genesis

Hot off the heels of his 2021 debut album ‘Light Years to Echoes’, EhRah (AKA Georges Hraoui) has teamed up with Aztec Records to deliver his second album: ‘Stardust Genesis’.


Although he is a relative newcomer to the synthwave scene, that hasn’t stopped Montreal’s EhRah from churning out quality release after release in 2022. This all culminates in this new album which contains 5 songs released this year as well as 5 brand new releases never heard before. Faithful to his style, EhRah brings forward catchy melodies that entrance the listener. Alongside him are powerful vocal performances from synthwave/retropop heavyweights LAU and Power Rob as well as a fresh, more modern take on vocal synthwave by Los Angeles’ VENMC on no less than four out of ten of the album’s tracks.


The three instrumental tracks, such as the namesake song ‘Stardust Genesis’, showcase the catchy and pristine production EhRah is known for, while the seven vocal collaboration tracks demonstrate a surprisingly broad spectrum of catchy licks and hooks that’ll have you repeating the album on loop.

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