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The Boys Of Summer’ is the 3rd single on Aztec Records from The Lightning Kids debut album and follows the ‘cool late-night drive’ debut of ‘Ride’ and the ‘sun-soaked, guitar-led’ 'California'.

Described as the ‘Retro-wave London Grammar’ & ‘Synthwave 2.0’, The Lightning Kids are singer, Emma Ballantine, guitarist Darryn McHardie (AKA Cinematix 1993) and songwriter/producer, Jonny Spalding.

The Boys Of Summer’ is a re-imagining of the classic 1980’s hit single from The Eagles-front-man Don Henley and finds its roots firmly in the ‘retrowave’ sound - mixing electronic 80’s inspired synths with ambient guitar solo’s, very much a late-Summer-vibe.

With the new single, The Lightning Kids prepare for the release of their debut album, a 10-track love-letter to lost-teenage-dreams and summer nights. Following the young romance of two fictional characters living in Los Angeles in the 1980’s. The soundtrack to a film that never existed.

The Boys Of Summer’ is produced by The Lightning Kids. Mixed & Mastered by Brian Skeel.

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