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Desperate Youth is the brainchild of Finnish songwriter/producer Oskar Karlsson, who after playing in a band for several years, felt it was time to start a new adventure and create something entirely his own. Desperate Youths debut single ‘Another Time’ is about the love between two people that, for some reason, isn’t possible at the time. 

This new version of 'Another Time' features German singer-songwriter NINA aka Nina Boldt. Her debut album was praised by critics and embraced by the fast expanding Synthwave scene. Her latest album Synthian (2020) rose to #1 on the Electronic Album Charts on iTunes in Canada. 

Her success has earned her the nickname ”The Queen Of Synthwave” and few would dispute that title.

“With the addition of NINA my vision of Another Time has really come to life. She’s given the soundscape a whole new dimension and the other person in the story finally has their own voice. I could not be happier with how the song turned out!” – Oskar Karlsson, Desperate Youth.
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Friday Night Firefight's new single 'Love It Like That' embraces pop hooks, sparkling synths and plucky guitars in equal measure, with a backbone of dance-able beats and British pop-punk vocal delivery to match.

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24 Jan 2021 - Jónsi - Mold

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From the very first synth stab, Thunder is bringing an ominous feel of fascination with the main character. An archetypical menacing female figure that reminds us of iconic femme-fatal of films like Basic Instinct or Fatal Attraction.

The track is a borderline darkwave song lifted up by Power Rob's hooky melody and captivating lyrics. The vocalist makes honour to his name and delivers a powerful melodic and lyrical composition through a performance full of intention and focus.

French producer Ends 84 introduces distorted guitars and crunchy pads to paint a scene of grit and clenched teeth.

An inspired collaboration that brings something new and fresh to the genre whilst ticking all the right boxes. A classic 80's erotic thriller condense in 3 minutes of pop perfection.

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After featuring on their 2020 album 'We All Move Together', Idris Elba teams up with Inner City once more to release Defected debut 'No More Looking Back'. Making for a formidable pairing, the London born-and-bred DJ and actor has forged a rich studio relationship with the legendary Detroit group, fronted by techno pioneer Kevin Saunderson with his son, Dantiez, as well as the latest addition to the group vocalist Steffanie Christi'an. With a chugging bassline, expressive piano chords and soaring pads, Christi'an's velvety vocal brims with soul and emotion. Teased on Idris' Defected Virtual Festival set which has been viewed over 1 million times, this sought-after cut has an unwavering groove that is begging to be heard on the dancefloor.
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