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Everything But The Girl have unveiled their first new song in over 20 years, Nothing Left To Lose.

Formed in 1982, The duo, consisting of Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn, enjoyed four UK Top 10 hits, including I Don’t Want To Talk About It and Missing, during a career lasting 18 years. They released their last album, Temperamental, in 1999.

A new LP, Fuse, is expected later in 2023.

The album, states the press release, “is a modern take on the lustrous electronic soul the band first pioneered in the mid-90s. Thorn’s affecting and richly-textured voice is once again up front in Watt’s glimmering landscape of sub-bass, sharp beats, half-lit synths and empty space, and as before, the result is the sound of a band comfortable with being both sonically contemporary, yet agelessly themselves.”

Speaking about the band’s re-emergence and new album, Tracey Thorne says: “Ironically the finished sound of the new album was the last thing on our mind when we started in March 2021. Of course, we were aware of the pressures of such a long-awaited comeback, so we tried to begin instead in a spirit of open-minded playfulness, uncertain of the direction, receptive to invention.”

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06 Jan 2023 - Platronic - The Healing

So…are you ready to dance, trance and romance with Platronic?

The Healing is a musical journey into your mind, your body, your heart and your soul.

The catharsis begins with THE RESISDANCE. A song about the desperate longing for love & joy but also with a glimpse of hope mixed with a very, very dance-able beat!

It continues with a trance-cendental walk into THE FOREST. Follow the soothing, hypnotic chanting of Kay & Sami. Take a deep breath and feel the energy again…

Our journey ends with THE BEGINNING, an emotional, instrumental sinfonia.

Good times are ahead and everything will be fine.

Influenced by: Depeche Mode, Army of Lovers, Eurythmics, ABBA, Wardruna, Dead Can Dance, Enya & VNV Nation.

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KNIGHT$ is back with a brand new post-Christmas cracker! A stimulating cover version and tribute to the late Steve Bronski of Bronski Beat who passed away in December 2021. Produced and mixed by RetroTeque, Sweden, this is the just the Hi-NRG stimulant needed for your New Year's parties!

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