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The brand new album by Jessy Mach is finally here. The signature of Jessy is in this opus always very present: A Synthwave/Retrowave style which asserts itself thus oscillating between sequenced basses, running in an Outrun vibe but also including sharp synth riffs. The electric guitar in this record is also very present.

The French producer sometimes takes us to darker places where we feel his first love of rock and metal ("M.A.R.S", "Wheels of hell"). Many passages remind us energetically of the years when Junos, Prophets and Moogs keyboards crossed swords with the shred of 80s guitarists. 

"Night Shifter" could be considered as an eclectic Synthwave record because there is also a more pop orientation of some tracks. Thus, the album is less instrumental and Jessy was able to surround himself with beautiful vocal collaborations thanks to signing to Aztec Records. The Retrowave star vocalist LAU performs marvelously on "Find love" and the guys of YOUNG EMPRESS totally bewitch us in the piece "Lifeline" which only climbs in a heady, sidereal and bewitching progression.

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