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Kylie Minogue - Say Something

Limited edition transparent red 7” single.
Release date: 06/11/2020

Side A: Say Something
Side B: Say Something (Acoustic)

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Shadow of Fear is Cabaret Voltaire's first studio album in 26 years. Richard H. Kirk is the sole remaining member; he's released many acclaimed solo albums, having invented bleep techno via his groundbreaking work in Sweet Exorcist. Richard H. Kirk has formed this new album from a series of pulverising live shows. The tone and personality of Cabaret Voltaire is ingrained in its core as it dances across techno, dub, house, 1970s Germany and general esoteric explorations coupled with mangled vocal samples.

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29 Aug 2020 - Yello - Point

The new Yello album is finally here! 

Point takes the classic Yello sound of records like Stella, One Second and Flag and twists it into something ultra-modern. It's part spy film, part Dali painting, part strobe-lit dance floor, part 4D car chase and part deep space torch song. 

It's Yello, absolutely on point.

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Their legacy lives on today with the recent colour vinyl LP reissues delighting longstanding fans, as well as being a voyage of discovery for newer ones. With future release plans made prior to both of their separate and untimely passing, to focus on the post-1990 period, this 9CD box set includes 103 tracks across five individual album sets, with label copy and a selection of photographs in a 28-page hardback book.

Featuring ‘Fan The Flame (Part 1)’, ‘Nukleopatra’, ‘Fragile’ and ‘Unbreakable – The Fragile Remixes’, ‘INVINCIBLE’ also includes 60 additional mixes, with many acapella and instrumental versions of previously released tracks and their recordings for the U2, Madonna and Prince tribute albums. The fifth ‘album’ in the box set is a 2-disc set ‘Spin Drive’ which includes a combination of 25 tracks and mixes of ‘You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)’ and ‘Sex Drive’. Two of Pete’s versions with the Italian group Glam are also featured.

Although the track was first performed live in Japan in 1990, ‘INVINCIBLE’ gives the debut official release to ‘My Love’s On The Line’, the master tape for which was discovered last year in Steve Coy’s archive. The cover photography is courtesy of Gozra Lozano, which remained unpublished until very recently.

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