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Dear Synthians, 

I'm thrilled to announce that my 19-track Remix album 'REMIXED HEARTS' with Ricky Wilde is out now. 

Ricky and I invited some serious talent to remix our precious song babies and they all delivered beyond our imagination. I know you will love them!

These remixes will no doubt make you feel like summer's arrived early! You wake up and hear the ocean waves calling out your name. It's hot and sunny out, so you put on your favourite T-Shirt and shades. Your walkman is playing the most epic and danceable music, so you write your name in the sand, because why not! You go for a swim and before you know it, the sun is setting and showing off the most beautiful display of colours... orange, pinks and reds. JUST WOW!

But there's an epic night thunderstorm eagerly rolling in to overpaint your sunkissed view and it's very much the brooding mood you yearn for at this hour! Now you're letting go and falling into the sound of the atmospheric soundscapes of nocturnal magic. Everything is ok, because you're in tune with 'REMIXED HEARTS'. 

The album is released via the definitive Retrowave record label NewRetroWave.

Be sure to stream 'REMIXED HEARTS' via this link: REMIXED HEARTS

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17 Feb 2024 - New Arcades - Evolve



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With the success of 'Streets After Sundown', and 'Feline Funk' hot off the press, Montreal based producer EhRah keeps the ball rolling with the release of 'Works Of Art'. Enlisting the help of heavy hitter singer LAU alongside the super funky band Lafanki, this three way collaboration brings together the best of three worlds: Lafanki's catchy vocal hooks, LAU's buttery smooth choruses, and EhRah's funk influenced production.

The song is reminiscent of past good times with friends, when we were younger and lived carefree, partying all night, being spontaneous and going wherever life took us.

Continuing this new phase of his musical journey, 'Works Of Art' is the third single leading up to EhRah's new upcoming album 'Beyond The Sky'. In the forefront of this song are the two contrasting vocal performances. Underlying both vocals are a solid instrumental background mostly held together by the smooth bass and enchanting chords. 'Works Of Art' combines a funky instrumental with melancholic vocals to create a vibrant track.

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