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Ships Have Sailed released two new songs today and this is what they say about it:

"We're so excited for you to hear the stripped down versions of "Skin" and "Edge Of An Ocean", collected together on a double a-side...please enjoy: "Every Little Bird"."

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After his latest single 'Follow You', Italian producer Fulvio Colasanto returns with a new single entitled 'If You Can Dance'. A retro Dance-Pop song inspired by the 80s/90s, created thanks to the extraordinary collaboration of Synth-Pop artist I Am Boleyn. This track will be included in Fulvio Colasanto's upcoming EP due in 2024.

Evoking the passion and fun of a night out, 'If You Can Dance' is when love meets dance and the music leads the way. Sometimes the best way to express yourself is to let the music move your body and see what happens next!

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Black Like Oil's first EP, 'Past Perfect Continues', can be compared to a video store with soundtracks to episodes of our lives. That's why their songs, despite how different they are - some of them are melancholic, some are full of passion and energy - all are dreamy. Cinema is a dream factory, just like the 'past perfect continuous' - it offers you to plunge into the atmosphere of your favorite movies and feel like one of their characters.

Each song - each 'soundtrack' - of their EP has its own source of influence.

'Happily Ever After' plays with David Lynch's 'bad guys in leather jackets' breaking the hearts of young and dreamy girls.

'The Aid' - with images of Highlander, Terminator and David Bowie's Goblin King.

'Icarus' explores the duality of synthwave music, reactiveness and thoughtfulness - and looks back at Marty McFly's journey.

And, of course, there is a particular track inspired by Nicolas Winding Refn's 'Drive' - 'The Day I Met You' - but the influence of the film extends to the entire album.

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15 Dec 2023 - VHS Celebs - Nightdrive

"Nightdrive" serves as the captivating final single leading up to the conclusion of the album MULTIPLEX. This track immerses listeners in a pulsating bassline, accompanied by a dark retro synth ambiance that effortlessly transports them back to the nostalgic vibes of the 80s. With its cinematic qualities, the song takes inspiration from the theme of love, resembling a scene from an iconic 80s movie.

The lyrics, brimming with emotions, express the urgency and intensity of the narrator's feelings. As they navigate the night, racing to be with their beloved, the music mirrors the rush and excitement of a movie plot. The recurring motif of loneliness and the insatiable desire to be close to their special someone creates a thematic thread that resonates throughout the song.

"Nightdrive" captures the essence of a romantic, movie-inspired journey, with the dark retro synth elements adding depth and dimension to the overall sound. As the album MULTIPLEX nears its conclusion, this single leaves listeners eagerly anticipating the culmination of the musical narrative, promising an immersive and emotional experience from start to finish.

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