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• 5CD anthology featuring the music of new wave pop innovators, Kissing The Pink.

• A comprehensive collection bringing together for the first time the band’s three studio albums, plus many of the extended versions, B-sides and remixes from the associated single.

 Plus eight previously unreleased remixes and new recordings. Over 30 tracks/mixes appearing on CD for the first time.

CD1: The band’s 1983 debut album ‘Naked’ plus bonus tracks including ‘Love Lasts Forever’ (7” Mix), ‘The Last Film’ (Extended Hymn Version) and the B-sides ‘Shine’, ‘Garden Parties’ and two versions of ‘Water In My Eye’.

Kissing The Pink’s second studio album ‘What Noise’, originally released in 1984, including the extended versions of ‘The Other Side of Heaven’ and ‘Footsteps (Black Sash Remix)’ plus the B-sides ‘Celestial’ and ‘The Rain It Never Stops’ (Short Version).

CD3: The first CD re-issue of the much sought after 1986 album ‘
Certain Things Are Likely’ album containing the hits, ‘One Step’, ‘Certain Things Are Likely’ and ‘Never Too Late To Love You’. Produced largely by Peter Walsh and mixed by the legendary producer/remixer/ engineer Phil Harding. Also included are various remixes and edited versions that accompanied the single release from this album.

CD4: ‘
Remixes & Extended Versions’ includes eight Phil Harding mixes of the band’s hits ‘One Step’, ‘Never Too Late To Love You’ and ‘Certain Things Are Likely’, all previously unavailable on CD. Other mixes include the early mixes by Colin Thurston of ‘Underage’ and ‘Water In My Eye’, sourced from the tape archives for the first time since the early 1980’s.

CD5: ‘
Remixes & New Recordings’ features 14 rare tracks sourced from the band’s own archives and includes their final single ‘Stand Up’, plus B-sides. ‘Also Spying On Me’ is included on a release for the first time along with two new tracks, three new mixes of ‘The Last Film’ and ‘One Step’ including a new remix by Visnadi & Sirone plus two live recordings.

All presented in a clamshell box with each disc housed in a printed card sleeve. The 32-page booklet features an exclusive interview with the band, a new design by digital artist,
Sam Howard and a UK discography.

Release date: February 23, 2024.

Pre-order now!

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Climie Fisher were the British pop duo consisting vocalist Simon Climie and former Naked Eyes keyboardist Rob Fisher. In 1987, they burst on to the pop scene in the UK with a hip-hop styled remix of their self-penned hit ‘Rise To The Occasion’ (UK #10, Germany #14, The Netherlands #1, South Africa) by PWL producers Phil Harding and Ian Curnow.

Coming In For The Kill’ (UK #35, South Africa #6) is the duo’s sophomore album. It was released in October 1989 after the international success of ‘Everything’, their debut album. Three singles were released from the album: ‘Facts Of Love’ (UK #50), ‘Fire On The Ocean’ (UK #89) and ‘It’s Not Supposed To Be That Way’ (UK #77).

The album was produced by Climie Fisher alongside veteran producers Neil Dorfsman (Dire Straits, Sting, Tina Tuener, Paul McCartney), Stewart Levine (Culture Club, Simply Red, Lionel Richie) and Bob Clearmountain (Bryan Adams, Daryl Hall & John Oates, The Pretenders, Simple Minds).

• 4CD deluxe edition of ‘Coming In For The Kill’.

• A beautifully packaged set that includes five songs that appear on CD for the first time, as well as 16 previously unreleased tracks.

Release date: February 23, 2024.

Pre-order now!

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From synth duo Eric C. Powell + Andrea Powell, the new Winter Holiday Collection offers all their holiday, Christmas and winter releases together in one moody and poignant collection. Holiday classics and originals with a synth edge. The collection will be available for a limited time annually and new tracks will be added year-after-year.

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24 Nov 2023 - !Dorian - Limelight

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24 Nov 2023 - Black Like Oil - Icarus

On their latest single Icarus, the band Black Like Oil displays interesting sides of synthwave music. On the one hand, it can be dreamy and thoughtful, on the other - reactive and rushing forward. 

The heroine of the song asks herself about her path in life. She's moving forward and everything seems to be alright, yet it's combined with uncertainty, doubts. You have to accelerate just to ignore all obscurity - isn't that a definition of youth? Extreme conditions, exuberance and high spirit - ask Marty McFly about them. Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads!

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