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After the success of his debut album 'Lost Without You', Future Analog is releasing 'The Remixes'. This album includes remixes of all the original songs on the album by these prominent artists and producers: The Lightning Kids, Kidburn, Shay, Strawberry Station, Walter Alienson, Geoff Pinckney, Aftermour, HeartBeatHero & Aisle 9.

Each artist has given their own vibe to the tracks and taken them in new and interesting directions .

From the powerful lyrics of 'Searching' which talks about looking for the one and being so happy to have found them, to the more melancholy 'Issues' which talks about a difficult but necessary breakup , all the songs deal with the most powerful of human emotions - LOVE.

The new versions of these songs take the music in a new direction, in some cases onto the dancefloor. All still convey the soul of the originals it is hoped that his audience will enjoy this album as a companion to the original version.

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