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This debut single on Aztec Records of the multitalented Indonesian/Swedish musician, Adam Siana, born in Jakarta and raised in Stockholm, has all the traits of a future classic.

The apparent chilled vibes and infectious chorus seem simple at first hearing but like a dark alley in a rainy night, they hold deeper and darker undertones. This is what the young producer has to say about the song.

'In The Night' is about communication issues in any relationship. Where talking about their problems isn't the norm. It became very apparent during the lockdowns many couple's issues started to come to the surface and the need to air out so many unspoken conversations and thoughts.'

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17 Oct 2020 - Power Rob - Runaway EP

Power Rob brings a distinct, stadium rock quality at the genre of synthwave with his refreshing approach. Some of the most powerful vocals the genre has seen in a long time.

Taking cue from the rock-pop of the 80's, the Runaway EP starts with an epic synth riff and driving guitars in the form of 'Runaway'. A song about teen freedom and taking risks that wouldn't feel out of place next to Michael Jackson or even Def Leppard.

The second cut, 'Strong' continues this theme of empowerment but this time is with someone else. The need to connect and be strong together that's very fitting for our time.

To close the EP, Power Rob has chosen to honour one of his heroes, the late George Michael. Produced by Ends 84, The cover infuses the classic 'Careless Whisper' with a synthwave aesthetics. The result is as evocative as the original and updates the production to the retro-futuristic taste of 2020.

For Power Rob, it's all about electricity and potency. From smooth ballads to heart pumping anthems, the Runaway EP will leave you itching to hear more.

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The second single from producer Sunglasses Kid’s forthcoming second album, Sophomore, “Chill” is laid-back 90s swing drenched in smooth R'n'B vocals and rap breaks by singer and producer Jay Diggs.

With Jay Diggs recently blowing up online with his 80s funk cover of WAP (Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion), and with Sunglasses Kid’s second album coming soon, the hype is real.

If this wasn’t enough of a vibe, New York based design company, Metabomb Digital, are hard at work creating an animated music video that will feature hand-drawn illustrations and visuals inspired by the period.

For now, you can head over to @JayDiggsMusic Instagram to watch an unofficial one minute music video featuring both Jay and Sunglasses Kid.

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17 Oct 2020 - Eutropic - Age

The second of four mini-EPs leading up to the Dark Age Day Dream full length. Contains the songs Distant World and Silicon God.

Distant World, the lead single from AGE (the 2nd mini-EP) from avant-pop outfit Eutropic finds the trio exploring the theme of physical and spiritual isolation. The music was sketched out at the band’s rehearsal space, while the lyrics were put to ink when vocalist Dominique Hindermann found himself snowed-in for days, alone, in a cabin up in the Swiss Alps. Destiny would have it that someone before him left Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince there. 

The book put Dominique in the protagonist’s shoes, infusing his precarious situation with something of a cosmic / mythological hue. The lyrics practically wrote themselves. The finished song sounds like a soothing, coiling mantra set to a sonic rendition of solar flares and meteor showers. The world spins full of celestial bodies aflame. Vast space. The arrangement is full of floating synth artefacts rooted in a steady, chunky bass pulse and elastic, wobbly kicks. Space is the place and it’s full of groove. 

Silicon God examines the power dynamic between Silicon Valley mavericks and a society that operates using the tools they have designed. Under closer inspection, what comes to light is the fact that the entire exchange is based on harnessing the religious instincts of humans, mainly the pursuit of endless youth and immortality. Synth bleeps. Info packages shot at the speed of light. Fiberoptic arteries full of zeros and ones ceaselessly pumping information. High tension. Tight bass. An onslaught of information. Hissing synths. Desire. Sublimation. Ecstasy.

Eutropic are an analog synth-obsessed avant pop trio operating out of Bern, Switzerland. Their music explores human emotion through the prism of a highresolution gradient. It draws from cold and new wave, several iterations of techno and classic 70s electronica. It’s functional, yet introspective – full of nuance, detailed shadings, curious overlaps and idiosyncratic contradictions. Their debut record Dark Age Day Dream will be released February 5th 2021 courtesy of Aztec Records UK

Eutropic are: 
Dominique Hindermann (vocals, synths)
Sacha di Piazza (synths, drum machines)
David Muther (guitars, synths) 

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This electro-pop trio delivers a moody and flamboyant debut EP 'A Deep Blue Swimming Pool'. Somewhere between northern lights and southern palm trees, that's where Wet Sunset comes from. Citing influences as varied as Chromatics, FKA Twigs or Fever Ray, the Franco-Swedish trio created an intense and shiny soundscape yet deep and full of nuances, a contrast between the brightness of the northern light and the soft caress of a southern sunset. A very promising debut for the avantgarde trio.

The second collaboration on Aztec Records between Italian producer Fulvio Colasanto and American singer Christina Siravo, finds them exploring the themes started with Psycho Beat but going deeper into the horror storytelling of HP Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe. Starting with the sound of crows' caws, Fulvio's understated but highly effective production surrounds Christina's unmistakeable belting notes like the shadow of Nosferatus. A captivating Pop/Disco Horror.

The second single on Aztec Records from Spanish synth duo Oblique finds them in a more upbeat mood than the previous offering Black Heart. Like a tantric chant, the song's groovy drums and bell-like, staccato patterns come together in an infectious monster of a single. You will be charmed and spellbound on first listen.

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