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Continuing on the success of Arcade, Hold On is the second Morphoice collaboration with Texas based singer/songwriter Clint Alford, delivering a heart-touching Synthwave ballad with hard-punching beats and haunting synth arpeggios, reminiscent of Stranger Things.

Hold On was written and produced by Morphoice and mastered at the world renowned Abbey Road Studios. The song laments the tenacious memories of an untainted, ideal relationship that abruptly ended in lies and severe heartbreak. But no matter how hard you try and how much you have been hurt, you can never forget your greatest love, and you still always hope to get a second chance.

With their production, Morphoice and Clint Alford are once again not only bridging the  geographical distance between Texas and Germany, but the many obstacles and personal setbacks during the global pandemic, that made the completion almost impossible to the very end, proving things will work out, if you believe in and hold on to them.

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