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09 Feb 2021 - Young Empress - Home

Young Empress are a Synthwave duo inspired by movie soundtracks & 80s nostalgia. With a shared love of classic synths, haunting guitars, powerful harmonies & punchy, 80s inspired drums. Bursting with energy this duo has managed to craft their own unique brand of Synthwave.

Home is about being afraid. It's that moment of uncertainty, the fear of not knowing what the future holds. It's about being scared to be your true, authentic self. It's about feeling small and childlike, lost and trying to find a sense of belonging. Home is written from the perspective of those caught up within the depths of anxiety, feeling like a darkness surrounds them while they try to find the strength to overcome their fears and stand tall again.

Home is ethereal and haunting. Its melancholic retro wave opens with brooding undertones but evolves into bouncing pop vibes. It is heavily influenced by vocal harmony led classics and encapsulates the sound of an 80s movie montage where the hero of the story has reached their lowest point but has risen up to overcome their demons.

Analogue synths, guitars drenched in chorus and vocals reverberating out into the darkness, Home was written at the birth of Young Empress and marks a special place in our journey together as a duo.

It doesn’t feel like home
And nobody knows
It doesn’t feel like home

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