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14 Nov 2019 - Erasure - Chorus (3CD)

Erasure - Chorus (3 CD) 

Release date: 14/02/20

On February 14th 2020 BMG will release the latest in their series of remastered and expanded Erasure CD reissues with a 3-CD edition of ‘Chorus’ featuring a remastered version of the original album on one disc; a selection of new and classic remixes, b-sides and bonus tracks on disc two; and a live version of the ‘Chorus’ album, recorded on Erasure’s Phantasmagorical Entertainment Tour, on the final disc.

The remastered and expanded edition of ‘Chorus’ comes in deluxe hardback book packaging with extensive sleeve notes by Mat Smith, and is available to pre-order now using the link below. The first 2000 pre-order customers will also receive a bonus pack of four ‘Chorus’ postcards.

Pre-order Chorus here!

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a-ha‘s debut single ‘Take On Me’ has been reissued as a limited edition blue vinyl seven-inch single to coincide with the band’s Hunting High and Low tour and to tie in with the launch of a new documentary The Making Of… Take On Me.

The single topped the charts around the world (although not in the UK) in 1985 and continues to be constantly referenced culturally, in films, TV and online.

In 2015, a Record Store Day seven-inch picture disc was released for the 30th anniversary. That edition featured a live version of ‘Take On Me’ as the B-side, whereas this new single includes on the flipside what is described as a previously unreleased alternative mix of the 1984 version of the song (produced by Tony Mansfield).

The new Making of Take On Me documentary is being released piecemeal fashion on YouTube and the first two episodes are a fantastic deep dive into the origins of the song and the creation of that video, and there is more to come. Watch parts one and two.

The blue vinyl seven-inch is a limited edition that is exclusively available via Warner Music’s Rhino stores. It is out now and can be ordered via the links below.

  1. Take On Me (Alan Tarney 1985 single version)
  2. Take On Me (Tony Mansfield 1984 version - alternate mix)

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Kim Wilde - Kim Wilde  (2 CD & 1 DVD) 
Kim Wilde - Select  (2 CD & 1 DVD) 
Kim Wilde - Catch As Catch Can (2 CD & 1 DVD) 

Cherry Pop
Release date: 31/01/2020

On the back of Kim Wilde’s recent studio album 'Here Come The Aliens' (and companion live collection), her first three albums 'Kim Wilde', 'Select' and 'Catch As Catch Can' are being re-released by Cherry Pop on January 31, 2020.

Each album is being presented as a plush 2CD+DVD expanded gatefold wallet boasting a raft of previously unissued tracks and new remixes, as well as new coloured vinyl editions. All of the tracks have been remastered by Tom Parker from fresh transfers of the original analogue tapes. All of the new and previously unheard material has been given the blessing of Kim Wilde herself. Additionally, each package includes lyrics, rare photos and memorabilia plus new sleeve notes written by Kim Wilde expert Marcel Rijs.

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Automatic Call is the lead single for Nina's 2nd album. 

It includes some amazing remixes from the strongest referents of the Synthwave and Retrowave scene including Morgan Willis, Absolute Valentine, Makeup And Vanity Set, The New Division and Le Cassette.

Written by Nina Boldt, Laura Fares, J. Wide

Produced by Oscillian

Mastered by Mike Marsh

Release date: November 29, 2019

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Finally the fourth Daybehavior album is released.
Based On A True Story

The album is available at major services:

iTunes | GooglePlay | Spotify

Daybehavior also released a new video: Tears That Dry

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