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Howard Jones‘ third album One to One will be reissued across three physical formats in January next year.

The 1986 album saw Howard Jones use the services of legendary producer Arif Mardin but as with contemporaries like Paul Young and Nik Kershaw three was not the magic number and commercially One to One represented something of a downturn in fortunes, with no top 30 hits AT ALL in the UK although ‘You Know I Love You…Don’t You’ did reach number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 in America. Indeed, in the USA Howard Jones continued to have hits from One to One follow-up Cross That Line, but in Britain, the situation would never recover and the golden years were over almost as soon as they’d begun. 

In terms of the 3CD+DVD set, disc one features the remastered album expanded with five extra tracks (the Phil Collins/Hugh Padgham version of ‘No One Is To Blame’ was on the original CD) while the second disc features a selection of extended versions, early mixes and live cuts, including five previously unreleased tracks.

ALL of CD 3 is previously unreleased, and this disc offers more ‘ruff cuts’ and about half the disc is instrumentals or instrumental demos. The package is finished off with a DVD (NTSC, region free) of TV appearances and promo videos. This comes with a 16-page booklet with a track-by-track annotation of One to One by Howard Jones (as told to writer Anil Prasad).

Pre-order the 3CD + DVD set here.

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Daybehavior - Follow That Car!

This special Bandcamp release includes several Bonus Tracks. All the singles B-sides, remixes by MarsheauxParraloxPeople Theatre and ParamaterialA special version of City Lights in Italian, and the Extended Mix of No More Minutes, from the Electropop 5 compilation. Hope you'll enjoy this special bundle.

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Demon Music will release Renaissance, an 11-disc M People career-spanning box set in February that features albums, remixes, rarities and two DVDs. An exclusive limited edition with a signed print is also available.

M People won two BRIT awards and a Mercury Prize and released four studio albums, the last being Fresco in 1998. All of them are included, newly remastered, in this new box set and each comes with a bonus disc of remixes. The ninth CD in the package is an exclusive bonus disc of remixes by Frankie knuckles and David Morales.

The first of two DVDs features all the band’s promo videos (plus new interviews with members Paul Heard, Mike Pickering and Shovell) while the second features live performances.

This box set comes with a 48-page colour booklet and the exclusive edition comes with a print of a ‘Search For The Hero’ lyric sheet signed by Heard, Pickering, and Shovell (no Heather!). These are limited to 500 units.

Renaissance will be released on 14 February 2020. 

The signed edition is exclusive to Amazon UK.

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Visage - The Anvil 

Label: Rubellan 

Release date: Early 2020 

Everything has been remastered from beautiful new transfers of the original master tapes. Note that some other associated mixes may be on the Dance Mix CD. USA Single Remix of We Move is a previously unreleased mix that was set for the U.S. market to coincide with the Dance Mix EP that was the first place to find the extended mix of Fade To Grey. 


1. The Damned Don’t Cry
2. Anvil (Night Club School)
3. Move Up
4. Night Train
5. The Horseman
6. Look What They’ve Done
7. Again We Love
8. Wild Life
9. Whispers

Bonus Tracks: 

10. Motivation
11. I’m Still Searching
12. We Move (USA Single Remix - previously unreleased)
13. The Damned Don’t Cry (Dance Mix) 
14. Night Train (Dance Mix) 
15. The Anvil (Dance Mix) 
16. Pleasure Boys (Dance Mix)

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Pet Shop Boys are pleased to announce new tour dates for Dreamworld: The Greatest Hits Live in Europe in May and June 2020. Beginning on Friday, May 1st at Berlin’s Mercedes Benz Arena, the tour will see Pet Shop Boys perform at arenas across the continent and UK. 

Ticket information:
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