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Control is a Synthwave/Synthpop track that features sweet but haunting vocals from American singer Iyes Keen. It is the first collaboration between Uncover and Iyes Keen, but surely it will not be the last. A small taste of things to come. Out on Aztec Records now.

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Tectonic Plates by Dubstar is out now! 

The song was initially conceived as an expression of suppressed feelings, illustrated with occasionally geomorphological lyrics, to convey the childlike anticipation of a promised love which has yet to surface. 

As recording progressed, the sessions became an unwitting exercise in regression therapy, with the band gravitating irresistibly to sound-sources from their respective early childhoods in order to access forgotten feelings. As a consequence, Tectonic Plates presents like a stylistic retrospective at times, with audible references to Tubeway Army, XTC and Bowie’s Lodger. There are even whimsical suggestions of Nile Rogers’ work with Sister Sledge, but among the musical snapshots of 1979, Dubstar seek to position the now-infantilised listener in a volatile landscape.

Deceptively cute, the result is a single which sounds like a vision of the future, but as it was perceived in the past.

Recorded with producer Stephen Hague (who knows a thing or two about vintage equipment) the arrival of Tectonic Plates serves notice that Dubstar are about to yield their most seismic payload to date. 

Pleasant surprises will often fall from a clear blue sky, but serious developments are stirring underfoot.

Listen to Tectonic Plates now:

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Following up on the release of his 2020 EP 'Runaway', Power Rob continues the evolution of his sound with the high intensity single 'Sweet Romance'.

Soaring vocals, infectious melodies, lyrics that capture the essence of love at first sight, 'Sweet Romance' is a song that grabs you and never lets go.

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05 Sep 2021 - ABBA - Voyage

ABBA will release a brand new studio album called Voyage in November! The group have reunited and recorded a ten-track album which features all new material, including ‘I Still Have Faith In You’ and ‘Don’t Shut Me Down’.

Voyage will be available on CD, vinyl, cassette, a CD box set with exclusive poster, art cards & sticker sheets. There is no format with any extra audio.

The other news, as expected, is that a revolutionary new ABBA concert will debut next year that will see Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Anni-Frid performing digitally with a live 10-piece band, in a purpose-built arena in London. This will start on 27 May 2022.

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05 Sep 2021 - Coastal - Last Sundown

Coastal are Aaron Hetherington and Jonathan Fletcher. From the north of England, the duo’s journey has taken them from fronting a Hardcore inspired metal band to now taking a leap into the 80s synthwave scene. Taking inspiration from their past exploits to make the genre their own. 

Last Sundown is about life starting over again after years of struggling to save failing relationships; realising that what you had wasn’t what you thought it ever was. Nostalgic synths and catchy vocals combine to tell a story of someone sitting alone, watching the sunset as the tide comes in; contemplating would could have been and what is to come. 

Last Sundown is Coastal’s fourth release, which will form part of their full length debut album titled ‘Memories’ due for release in the back end of 2021.

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