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06 Mar 2022 - Brandon - Coastline (EP)

This new summer-y EP by Brandon features 8 tracks, including a new collaboration with the awesome Natalie Gray in the form of 'Break My Heart', and my remix (or 80s rework) of Indiana's fantastic track 'Physical'. The artwork has once again also been created by the ever-awesome Alex Lemoing (Neon Dream Designs).

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04 Mar 2022 - Rheinzand - Love Games

'Love Games', the third single from Rheinzand’s forthcoming album 'Atlantis Atlantis', breathes new life into an 80’s gem.

Covers of legendary songs might be taboo in the eyes of some, but not the glittering eyes of Rheinzand.

On the heels of their rousing re-envisioning of the Talking Heads epic 'Slippery People', the band lovingly reimagines a 1981 hit by British jazz-funk outfit Level 42. Paying heed to the masterful bassline and flourishing synths of the original (courtesy of Mark King and Mike Lindup, respectively), Rheinzand give the rhythm and melody a vibrant boost with lo-fi Balearic vibes. 

The track enters into a world of its own - Rheinzand’s world - with distinctive vocal performances by Charlotte Caluwaerts and Mo Disko alongside Reinhard Vanbergen’s quirky instrumentation and pristine production.

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After a successful 2021 releasing synth pop inspired music and making a name for herself in the synth world, Natalie Gray is proud to release her latest single: 'Dance Floor'.

'Dance Floor' is inspired by songs Natalie Gray grew up with including Madonna’s 'Material Girl', Prince’s 'Cream' and Whitney Houston’s 'How Will I Know'.

Written by Natalie Gray, Luke Burnet-Smith and Jack Craig, as with Daft Punk a couple of years back, they have created their own throwback sound full of pop hooks and a sing-along chorus that will have you instantly wishing for a dance floor as the nostalgia descends.

The subject of 'Dance Floor' is all about inclusivity. No matter who you are, music brings us all together and on the dance floor we are all one. Natalie is a strong advocate for equal rights especially for the LGBTQ+ community and has performed numerous times at Pride’s across the UK as well marching as an alley every chance she gets.

Streaming & Download links: 'Dance Floor'

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