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Pensacola Mist
What You Wish For
Tuesday May 3

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Let’s Go (Run)” is the energetic, dance-rock single from Liquid Modern’s Circle & Light album. It is a fast paced dance song with disco influence, fierce synths, shredding guitar solos, and melancholy, robotic vocal styling.

Kojette’s vocals are smooth and purposely use auto-tuning to add to the synthetic feeling of the song both musically and lyrically.

Musically, it pulls the listener in with its slow build into the main melody with a ripping guitar solo which sets the stage for the rest of the song. The driving bassline is reminiscent of disco while the driving beat keeps pushing the song forward with synthwave influences.

Lyrically, the song uses “light” and “running away” as its motifs and is about letting go and forgetting problems in the midst of chaos to have innocent fun. Ultimately, the song evolves into a love song of sorts and appreciating being with someone who knows you and makes you feel safe to be yourself.

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26 Apr 2022 - Fused - Exhibition

Welcome to the Exhibition!

Performed by award winning electropop artist Fused, "Exhibition" is the definitive compilation anthology of Fused. Featuring all new exclusive remasters, new version reworkings of key tracks, and the brand new electropop anthem, "Nightlife", this is the essential collection of modern synthpop for all genre fans, and offers something new to Fused fans as well those coming to the artist for the first time.

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Climate Zombies formed in March 2019. Members are Ola Stålebrink and Lasse Ugarph. They met for the first time in High School in Eksjö, Sweden. Ola called Lasse in the summer 2019 and asked if he would like to sing on a track. Since then he's a member of Climate Zombies too.

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Night Life is an unofficial, raw, uncut mixtape of instrumentals inspired by late night 80s and 90s erotic neo noirs, trashy pulp novels, desert motels and surf shacks. Each track is an extended edit of originally minute-long pieces posted by Sunglasses Kid as part of his 'Vibes' series on Instragram.

Sunglasses Kid took inspiration from movies and shows including; At Close Range, Point Break, Baywatch Nights, Renegade, Poison Ivy, Two Moon Junction, The Red Shoe Diaries, True Romance, About Last Night.

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